Candle Magic

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Yellow Candle Meaning
Mar 07, 2024
When the day is seemingly dark and your mood is feeling drained you need to...

Candle Color Meanings
Mar 07, 2024
Life, as we know it is not always easy to navigate, and taking the time...

Red Candle Meaning: Spiritual Guide For Candle Colors
Mar 07, 2024
Red has often been associated with love, passion, and desire, but as we delve deeper...

Orange Candle Meaning: Spiritual Guide To Candle Colors
Mar 07, 2024
When we feel happy we are drawn to warmer colors that make us feel good...

Blue Candle Meaning: Make Thursdays Magical
Mar 07, 2024
Connecting to powerful energy is an experience you won't forget and the transformation is breathtaking,...