Blue Candle Meaning: Make Thursdays Magical

Blue Candle Meaning: Make Thursdays Magical

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Connecting to powerful energy is an experience you won't forget and the transformation is breathtaking, the blue candle meaning shows us that an emotional, psychological, or even symbolic tranquility will bring the essence of calm you needed to fully embrace the change.

There is no better way to create an ambiance of harmony and peace in your surrounding environment than the smell of the melting wax, the flickering flame hypnotizing you as you delve deeper into your higher subconscious, and reach a divine realm that most of us can only dream of.

Blue Candle Meaning

Candle magic is a practice driven by the fire element which means transformation, and the blue candle meaning emphasizes this by increasing the energy of your manifestations and connecting your physical world to the spiritual world through burning. The different color candle meanings also play a role, here's what you need to know.

  • Light blue candles – Light these when you need to let go, of anger, or negative energy and embrace their healing powers to mend friendships and restore patience.

  • Royal blue candles – One of the more popular choices as its aura of harmony relates to us all, it brings with it a presence of peace and understanding, truth, and forgiveness, and helps you to self-heal and awaken your third eye as you focus on a higher entity in your focus sessions.

  • Dark blue candles – Holding onto negative feelings and emotions are never good, rid your spirit of sadness and depression by lighting this color candle and being enveloped by its positive vibe.

Blue Candle Associations

Understanding candle magic and the various candle color meanings can be overwhelming when starting, but one step at a time you will see the powerful energy it harnesses to implement change. The quiet time you take for yourself is precious, and burning candles will help increase your focus to bridge the gap between you and a higher realm. Many associations are linked to the blue candle meaning, let's see what they are and see how you can evolve into the best version of yourself.

  • Creativity – To reignite your creative spirit and jump-start your creative energy to connect to the universe for inspiration and ideas.

  • Reconciliation – When things are not going well with you and a friend or family member, light a blue candle during your meditation sessions to help let go of the anger you may be harboring.

  • Communication – Centering your chakra of the throat will improve your communication with those you may have been struggling to get through to.

What Do We Use A Blue Candle For?

When the day has been tough or the week seemed never-ending a relaxing bath is just what you need, and knowing the blue candle meaning is about water, tranquility, and feeling at ease, it is the perfect option to light while soaking away. As you unwind and absorb the positive energy created by the candle magic you instill an ambiance of peace into the air and release the negative vibes of the outside world.

What Day Should You Burn A Blue Candle?

The astrological power of the blue candle is why understanding the candle color meanings is so important when you want to make a change, but its power is strong so you need to be sure you really want what you are trying to manifest. Linked to the biggest planet, Jupiter, the Latin phrase dies Jovis is where the word Thursday originated and translates to Jupiter's Day. Thus, if you wanted to infuse your desires into a meditation session while using a blue candle your best and essentially most powerful day would be Thursday.

Where Did The Blue Candle's Meanings Originate?

We may have seen evidence of the color blue throughout history in small artifacts but the hue dates back to as early as the Egyptian times when blue was a key element in their pictures, clothing, and headwear and seen as a true gift from the Gods considering the color represented both the heavens and the seas.

The Egyptians were right in understanding that blue is a powerful color and thus we now see it in brand logos, spiritual artwork, and more so in the use of candle color meanings across the globe, each decked out in the vibrant color pallet.

Depending on the intensity of the blue you can immerse yourself in many healing and releasing practices using candle magic, from divine healing to boosting moods or improved mental ability.  And closely connected to the largest universal planet in the solar system, Jupiter, its power of protection comes as no surprise.

What Does Blue Candle Mean In A Dream?

If you have been practicing candle magic and see a blue candle in your dream you may be experiencing inner harmony where your life is as it should be, and you are well-balanced. The blue color indicates a sense of tranquility, like so many color candle meanings, their powers come to fruition across all levels of the subconscious. Enjoy your inner peace and be open to the world and the people in your life.

What Does Blue Mean Spiritually?

We all see colors differently but blue is commonly associated with cool and calm, a grounding sensation exudes from the color when we see it, and for good reason too. When we connect to someone or something our spirits are alight, blue has a trustworthy appeal to it making us feel at ease with those close to us, but knowing we are the authority in the situation with its powerful protective energy keeps us at ease.

Blue Candle Magic Wrap Up

Bringing a moment of calm and harmony into your home is why the blue candle meaning is so relatable, the color makes us feel at ease, and when we see it we feel cool and confident. Its powerful energy is present whether the candle is lit or not, and strong energy to have in the home for protection.

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