Candle Color Meanings

Candle Color Meanings

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Life, as we know it is not always easy to navigate, and taking the time to focus and connect with your higher subconscious, is good for the soul but also for your mind and spirit. The darkness of negativity is everywhere, all around us we are subjected to its poison, so practicing candle magic and bringing to fruition positive entities over your life through candle color meanings is a great way to stay protected.

Candle Color Meanings

Many variations of the color spectrum lend themselves to powerful and energetic changes when it comes to candle magic, and it has been so for centuries across cultures, traditions, and the world. Essentially, you need to choose the color which speaks to you and meditate with a specific intention.

The candle color meanings relate to a subconscious realm with a divine connection to the spiritual world and as you tap into their energies you are enveloped by their powers and feel the transformations taking place.

The Meaning Of Different Candle Colors

Knowing and understanding the meaning of colors in candles and integrating them into your meditation or healing sessions is essential in achieving your desires and reaching a higher spiritual state. Using a specific color also makes practicing candle magic that much more effective when casting spells and manifesting your intentions, so choose wisely. Let's see what some candle colors mean:

  1. White Candle – Seen as a symbol of purity and higher consciousness, white candles bring about healing for those in search of a fresh start. A meaning associated with beginnings.

  2. Grey Candle – This humble, somewhat muted hue, means we find ourselves in a moment of hesitation, deep thinking but unmoving. Its neutrality leans toward bringing back balance in your life and encourages stability when you need it most.

  3. Green Candle – Dig deep when you opt to burn this color, its energy of growth and abundance shows us how powerful a candle's magic color meaning can be. Ready yourself for bountiful financial blessings from above when using this in your candle magic session.

  4. Red Candle – There is so much to draw on with a red candle experiencing moments of intense passion to anger and topped off with a heated session of pleasure. Red is the color you want when manifesting desires and personal power in all aspects.

  5. Light Blue Candle – A calming energy comes with a blue candle color magic meaning but varying shades each hold their own. Reawaken your aura with this candle as you seek inspiration and embrace guidance on your emotional journey for healing.

Why Does Candle Color Matter?

It matters quite significantly as we are essentially connecting our subconscious to an otherworldly connection and responding according to our personal experiences. Culture plays a large part in the uses and meanings and as your third eye opens to communicate we become synced with a higher power.

The Candle Colors For Each Day Of The Week

As you become more familiar and comfortable drawing on the energy of the colored candles, you can intensify and focus those meditation sessions more by burning specific candles on days of the week they're associated with, such as:


Silver, Gray, white


Browns or reds, anything autumnal


Gray and yellow


Deep blue and purple


Copper hues, green or pink


Darker shades, black or maroon


Warm gold and orange

Candle Color Meanings: What Do Different Colors Mean For Spells?

Practicing casting spells and looking deeper into the candle magic color meaning of the different colors available you begin to realize that we have an opportunity to reach a parallel universe, one where change is possible with divine guidance and help. See some of the candle color meanings here to help you choose:

  • Pink Candle – Burn a pink candle if you want to bring an abundance of happiness and warmth into your life. It is connected to romance and affection and is a great option to bring the sweetness back into your relationship.

  • Gold Candle – Strong with the energy of the male, light a gold candle for enlightenment and to instill confidence while maintaining wisdom.

  • Blue Candle – The candle's magic color meaning of blue has always been linked to truth and using it in your time of focus will not only improve your communication but give you peace of mind.

  • Black Candle – Staying protected when out in the world is a must and when choosing a candle based on the intended candle color meanings you want to burn black to dispel negativity in your surroundings and banish all ill thoughts or intentions.

  • Orange Candle – A great candle magic option as it is a powerful combination of red and yellow and is both aggressive as it is intellectual. Burn this when you want things to happen quickly.

Spiritual Meaning Of Candles

Lighting candles alerts the divine entity that you need guidance and help, the spiritual world offers energetic support to bring to fruition your intentions and wishes during meditation. It is also used in a literal sense where burning candles create the ambiance needed, and then you can focus on reaching your higher spiritual self.

Do Candles Give Positive Energy?

Yes, by balancing the energy in the home or area needing renewal. Candles dissolve negative energies from the space which in turn increases the positive energy independently.

Combining Candle Colors

Mixing candle colors gives you the best of both elements where multiple energies combine to intensify and manifest a particular desire, where both parties would ideally benefit, or two parts of an intent coming harmoniously together.

Colors such as the Yellow Candle could be burned to increase imagination and unblock mental barriers you may be facing, and then paired with a Silver Candle you become more intuitive to the ideas that will work to stimulate and boost your creative spirit. And to finish off your ritual you could light the third eye Purple Candle to remain spiritually protected as you embark on your new creative adventure.

Candle Color Meanings That Light Your Way

Take your meditation sessions to the next level by introducing the energies from candles and the candle color meanings for heightened experiences, a cleansed and rejuvenated soul, and divine guidance to stay on the path the universe has intended.

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