Hello, I’m Mary!

As you step into our store, you're embarking on a journey of discovery. Here, you'll find more than just crystals; you'll find stories, wisdom, and a community that shares your quest for a more balanced and inspired life.

We invite you to explore, to feel, and to connect with the pieces that call out to you. Let them be your guide on a path that is uniquely yours, yet universally connected.

Guided by Nature, Inspired by the Universe

Welcome to MelloMary, where each crystal and stone is a testament to the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. Our journey is one of deep connection—to the earth, to the stars, and to the inner self.

We believe that every piece we offer is not just an object, but a companion on your path to self-discovery and tranquility.

Our Products

We meticulously select crystals and stones that resonate with the vibrancy of the earth and the serenity of the cosmos. From the grounding force of smoky quartz to the celestial sparkle of amethyst, our collection is curated to support you in every aspect of life. Whether you seek healing, protection, or inspiration, our crystals are here to guide you.

Each piece is charged with the intention to harmonize your spirit with the natural and universal energies.

Our Promise

Guided by nature, our promise is to provide you with tools that enhance your connection to the earth and the universe. Inspired by the universe, we are committed to exploring the boundless possibilities of spiritual growth and harmony.

Our crystals are not just gifts from the earth; they are bridges to deeper understanding, peace, and joy.

Our Vision

We strive to be the best resource you can trust for healing crystals, buying crystals online, understanding spirit guides, angel numbers, and how to make your new moon wishes count! (just to name a few!)


Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops and events, designed to deepen your connection with your crystals and enhance your spiritual practice.

From meditation circles to crystal cleansing rituals, we offer experiences that bring our community together in celebration of nature's gifts and the universe's mysteries.