Yellow Candle Meaning

Yellow Candle Meaning

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

When the day is seemingly dark and your mood is feeling drained you need to light a candle to bring back the brightness to guide your path. The yellow candle meaning of increased intellectual knowledge is just the flame you need to bring things back into focus, gain a new perspective, and carry on with a renewed awareness of what needs to be done.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to ourselves to regroup, meditate, and essentially open our third eye for clearer communication to our higher subconscious for guidance from the universe.

Yellow Candle Meaning

When meditating and practicing using different color candle meanings you begin to see the effectiveness that candle magic can have in your life, and more so when it comes to the yellow candle meaning which is determined by the intensity of the hue. See here for how the varying colors of yellow help with intent.

  • Dark Yellow Candle – The meaning of this color is used when seeking a pearl of divine wisdom in a situation, and to achieve good fortune and success.

  • Light Yellow Candle – The light yellow candle meaning refers to expanding and improving your memory, as well as dissolving mental blocks for a clear path of thinking.

  Why Use Yellow Candles During Meditation?

When we take a quiet meditative session for ourselves and block out the noise of the outside world we want to be as focused as possible to open the gateway for divine communication. Burning incense, and candles, or practicing candle magic can help with this, especially if you have a yellow candle in your collection.

Spiritual energies within the yellow color are released as it melts and focusing on the flame and these energies will not only awaken your third eye for effective insight but empower your spiritual journey and seeking.

Yellow Prayer Candle

When you invoke the yellow candle meaning through prayer you are essentially opening the pathways of communication, bridging the gap between you and the divine. The spiritual energy of an angelic realm entity within the flame helps you to envision your desires, and speaking them into the flame which floats to a higher being they are then manifested with increased power.

If you believe in your prayers and that your dreams will come to fruition then the yellow candle, out of the many candle color meanings, is the choice for you.

What Does A Yellow Candle Mean In A Dream?

If you wake up in the night from a dream that involved yellow candles you are in store for good things. Seeing yellow indicates that you will gain significant improvement both financially and spiritually, that prosperous things are on the horizon and that the universe has big plans for you. Take this opportunity to do some candle magic with yellow candles to enhance and assist this process.

Psychic Yellow Candle Meaning

Making that divine connection and awakening your chakra opens the door to effective communications with the spiritual realm. Stretching and expanding your psychic powers while using a lit yellow candle offers a clearer message, and most likely why it is so highly popular with healers and fortune readers.

Yellow Candle For Energy Clearing

To make the most of your meditation sessions you want the space you relax in to be free from negative energies and cleansed of unwanted thoughts and vibrations, and take note that the yellow candle meaning is about clearing the air when it comes to manifesting your wants, you ideally want the air in the room clear. A yellow candle can help with this, here's how:

  • Routine – You can opt to set up a regular schedule where you burn the yellow candle for a set time, say an hour a day, and this way keep the environment free from stagnant energies.

  • Intuition – When you get a feeling that a room needs to be cleansed it is not by chance, your growing psychic abilities are speaking to you and telling you it is time for a cleanse.

  • Burning – While you are in the room you can light the candle and let it burn down allowing the energy of the flame to completely consume the room and rid it of anything not positive.

Yellow Candle Meaning For Zodiac Signs

When we think of the sun we immediately think about power and energy, and yellow emanates this which is why people with the Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, or Leo zodiac signs are drawn to it. Their optimistic, cheerful outlook on life is just what the yellow candle meaning is all about, bringing about a change for the better.

Third Chakra And Yellow Candle Meaning

Known also by the name Solar Plexus, the third chakra is below your chest and above your navel and is represented by the color yellow. The third chakra is the center for joy and hope, and when practicing candle magic you can focus on this area of your body while meditating and drawing on its energy that offers wisdom and a connection to your higher self.

Light A Yellow Candle To Connect With Your Higher Self

Practicing with various candle color meanings can bring about great changes in your life and the yellow candle meaning is no different, as you activate your chakra you attract the energy that strengthens your self-esteem, builds character, and transforms your spiritual wisdom so you can be the best version of yourself.

Yellow Candle For Spells

Spells have been around for centuries, and using candles to conduct them too, so when your energy is down light a yellow candle to boost your motivational spirit, or to attract abundance and good fortune into your life. The spell is the strongest if practiced when the sun is at its highest point during the day and ideally on Wednesdays or Sundays.

Yellow Candle Meaning Wrap Up: End The Day On A High

Using candles in your life is always relaxing and when you understand the yellow candle meaning you see how its positivity can flow through you for great outcomes both personally and in your career. Gain wisdom and insight with the brightness from the heavens and every day will be a good day.

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