Red Candle Meaning: Spiritual Guide For Candle Colors

Red Candle Meaning: Spiritual Guide For Candle Colors

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Red has often been associated with love, passion, and desire, but as we delve deeper into the red candle meaning we see it also has a powerful side that can provoke feelings of anger, so when conducting red candle spells be sure to keep your intent pure and focused.

There is so much more to this enigmatic hue, and its transformational energy can make a big impact on your life.

Red Candle Meaning

This is one of those moments when you want your red candle love spell to work its magic. Discovering the fiery intensity that's behind the red candle meaning will excite and somewhat intimidate you, and makes it all the more hypnotizing. The sensuality linked to the color comes with an essence of victory, like in battle, and no wonder considering it has so many similar qualities to the planet Mars, the God of Power.

Where Do The Red Candles Meanings Originate?

For centuries candles have been used for various reasons, but the color behind the red candle meaning has long been seen as a sign of bloodshed during battles won and lost, and the hidden arousal of the fight.

Babylonia, home to the God of Destruction, Nergal, had the planet we now know as Mars originally named after him and his fiery characteristics. Other cultures such as the Chinese see this color as an indication of good fortune and luck, while in Buddhism it represents all things related to achievements, which in turn offer virtue and dignity.

No matter the country or culture, red is a color that confidently holds its own.

Red Candles Associations

Many great associations come with the red candle meaning and casting red candle spells, all intrinsically linked to the universe and a higher realm, and in doing so we see the elements that make up this divinely energetic color.


The angel Uriel has been asked many times for help, and red candles act as tools when praying and asking for this divine help and intervention.


It comes as no surprise that fire would support this color, and why its fierce energy is just what you need to ignite the lust and passion again for your partner, or a new love interest.



Aries is associated with deep blood red and this personality will shock the world before it knows what has happened.


This mysterious zodiac always keeps you guessing and rightly so with a color-changing mood ranging from maroons to vibrant red, your aura feels awakened when you meet a Scorpio.

When Should You Burn A Red Candle?

Because the red candle meaning falls on the planet Mars with its chalky red coloring and given the Latin phrased name martis dies (meaning Mars's Day), the word in English translates to Tuesday. Thus when considering which day is best to practice red candles spells your best option for the greatest results would be a Tuesday.

Which Areas Are Best To Light Red Candles?

Activating the energy that emanates from a red candle is essential when picking the right zone. Varying areas within the home can help to balance not only your physical chakras but the emotions in the family dynamics, see the best spots around the house for maximum rewards related to red candle spells.

  1. Place a candle in the Southwest area of the home to right the path between you and your partner.

  2. Accelerate your path to career success by placing a lit candle on the South side of your house.

  3. To eliminate stale and stagnant energy from rooms place red candle in the corners every two weeks and each time in a different corner.

Cleaning The Space With Red Candles

Purification is necessary for all aspects of life and cleansing the home of negativity is a must to feel at ease and relaxed. Start at the front door of your home, tuning into your feelings and intuition, and as you light the candle take a moment to look at the center of the flame to connect to its power and manifest this cleanse throughout the home. Do this in the areas you know need to be renewed, and for those which could do with energetic spruce.

Can You Use A Red Candle For Love Spells?

Trying to cast a red candle love spell should be done with the utmost caution if you are hoping to attract a potential partner as the vivacious red color is more about passion, lust, and igniting the sexual desires within. It comes with a fierce intensity that some are not ready for. For a subtle, sweet love kindling another color candle would be better suited.

What Does A Red And Black Candle Do?

A combination of the two color candles makes the perfect team. The black candle (which you light first) banishes all spirits and negative energies and then the red candle absorbs the fresh energy to realign your centers, balance your chakras, and renew your soul.

Why Do We Burn Red Candles On Tuesdays?

Mars the red planet was given the Latin name which is translated into English meaning The Day of Mars, Tuesdays. So burning on a Tuesday will increase the energy in the room, just be mindful of what you are asking for.

Rules To Know When You Use Red Candles

A few tips to keep in mind when doing candle magic will ensure an effective and fruitful outcome.

  • Candles should be new, not used.

  • The candle should burn till the end.

  • Continuously keep the thought of your intentions and wishes while it is burning.

  • Symbols can be drawn onto the candle that gives your wish meaning.

The Meaning Of A Red Candle In A Catholic Church

Religion uses all elements in its practice and for Catholics this is the red candle which is symbolic of the blood shed by Christ Jesus when he was nailed to the cross for our sins. The candle is lit to honor this event and placed in the church.

Red Candle Meaning Wrap Up: Find Your Moment Of Red

Candle magic and looking further into the red candle's meaning is a great way to bring to fruition your pleasures, the intensity may be just what you need to awaken your spirit, let your aura shine bright again, and be refreshed in your mind, body, and soul.

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