Orange Candle Meaning: Spiritual Guide To Candle Colors

Orange Candle Meaning: Spiritual Guide To Candle Colors

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

When we feel happy we are drawn to warmer colors that make us feel good and relaxed, and the orange candle meaning brings that to fruition with its energy of happiness and success, a perfect addition to your lifestyle. Days can often feel overwhelming as schedules and routines increase throughout the week, so take a quiet moment to yourself, light a candle, and re-center your chakra to bring a balance back to the chaos.

Simply seeing the flame flickering hypnotically as you meditate is humbling and helps us to remember the end goal and dive back into our creative projects with renewed vigor.

Orange Candle Meaning

There are many variations attached to candle color meanings and the orange candle meaning is no different, a heartwarming hue that delivers on its aesthetic. This elegant sun-inspired candle encourages joy in your life, opens the air of communication while maintaining confidence, and means more than just playfulness if you're considering adding it to your collection. Try an orange candle spell to increase confidence before a big meeting and with a fluent flow of energy in your speech, you will achieve great things.

Orange Candle Associations & Symbolism

The warm ambiance brought about in this candle is associated with more than just feelings or emotions, but an integral connection to a higher realm, a spiritual bridge we have an opportunity to connect with, here's how.

  • Chakra – Awakening the sacral chakra will reignite, just as a flame, your sexual desires, to be more sensual with your partner on a new level both physically and mentally.

  • Astrologically – Closely linked to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, you can draw on this positive extrovert characteristic to instill a more assertive nature within and increase your outspokenness.

  • Planet – It is easy to see why the orange candle meaning is linked to the sun, an aggressively confident entity that will reawaken your senses and envelop you in the powerful energy of abundance and good fortune.

  • Element – The most powerful energy of all the candle color meanings is represented by Fire, the vitality it harnesses will boost your sex drive and awaken your senses with an aura shining brighter than ever before.

Why Should You Burn An Orange Candle?

To make an impactful change is when casting an orange candle spell becomes a must, the abruptness of its power and forceful energy will ensure that the change you want is substantial. You should certainly light the flame when conducting candle magic and use its presence to enhance the joy and energy in the room while implementing action.

If you have been meaning to talk to your manager about a raise but lack confidence you should take note of the orange candle meaning and meditate with it to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. You will take the effective communication aura with you into the room and exude its efficiency in your comments.

Or if you simply want to dispel negative thoughts and energies from a tough day, you want to burn an orange candle to promote joy and invite happiness into your life.

What Day Should You Burn An Orange Candle?

The color and intensity that comes with the orange candle meaning tells us of its energetic and powerful nature, just the same as the sun, including the warm hue, thus, Sundays are the best choice for doing an orange candle spell and lighting an orange candle.

Releasing your negativities into the universe to dissolve and tapping into the healing power of a higher realm will bring about a transformative change you may have been waiting for to feel reborn and refreshed. Make Sunday the day for rebirth.

Orange Candle Benefits And Meaning

Smelling the fragrance of zesty fruit, the bursting freshness that consumes your mind instantly makes you feel at ease and in doing so your mind becomes more stable and balanced. Orange, in general, is a color we are naturally drawn to, and delving deeper into the various candle color meanings we see why the warm colors are so much more impactful in reducing stress and anxiety.

Some of the many positives of casting an orange candle spell are the advantages that come with the experience, here are just a handful of them:

  • Increased stamina when you are feeling lethargic and drained, this is because vitality and energy are the colors red and yellow, which when combined create orange.

  • Boost your confidence when you are feeling insecure and are hesitating to do the things that truly make you happy. The universe does not want you to be mediocre, draw on its energy to give you the courage to be your best.

  • Other than positive energy, the orange candle meaning lends itself to good fortune whether financially or personally, and lighting an orange candle before a big meeting or when purchasing a new home will have the universe in your corner.

What Color Candles Burn On Sunday?

The day of the sun naturally associates itself with the warm colors of the color wheel, burning candles that come in white, yellows, or orange to reap the most rewards.

Orange Candle Spell

Ideally, you want to pick a candle that coincides with your goal, in this case, orange, and casting an orange candle spell isn't as tricky as you may think. The most basic steps are to think of what you want, be specific, and clarify your intentions as you manifest them into fruition.

As you visualize your goal, light the candle to release the energy, and dress the candle (rub it) with oil as you chant your goal. Drawing on your success and dispelling any blockages into the candle to burn away, do this for a few minutes and then take in a few deep breaths. As you do you will feel a release of your old ways and enjoy the mental clarity of new things on the horizon.

A Vibrant And Powerful Energy: Enjoy The Warmth With Orange Candles

Take the time for yourself to get what you deserve, much like the orange candle meaning that promotes joy and happiness, you need to play your role in the journey the universe has laid out to bring your desires to reality. Meditate, practice a spell, and experience a new awakening from within.

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