Crystals For Travel: Safe Travel Crystals For New Adventures

Crystals For Travel: Safe Travel Crystals For New Adventures

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Oh to explore the world, the dreams we smile at when thinking about it, and when you do get the chance to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, you will want to ensure you have a good choice of crystals for safe travel and protection.

Not only will you be open to the wonders of the universe as you discover exotic lands, but you also become susceptible to negative energies, and these elements we want to avoid.

Why You Should Use Crystals When You Travel

Too often we travel unprepared, not with luggage, but with calming energies and a positive aura, and this can quickly affect your trip. Instead of heading to the business lounge for a double-shot cocktail to calm your flying fears, rather opt for guardian-safe travel crystals such as Malachite to eliminate the stress of flying. This stone is a great protector but perfect for smoothing out erratic nerves.

If you have Labradorite in your collection you would do well to bring it along, the intuitive vibrations of the gem fill you with a sense of harmony that is perceptive to those around you but guides you to the right people to help make your journey a smooth one.

The airport is another place filled with too much stress and energies are all over the place, most likely with nervous flyers having to go through the scanning machines and security. If you are nervous about the X-ray machine you are not alone, but you can be protected, crystals for travel such as Shungite are exactly what you need to neutralize electromagnetism. Your aura and well-being will be cared for, and you can enjoy a comfortable check-in procedure.

How To Use Stones For Travel

There are various means by which you can implement crystals for safe travel and protection on your next holiday, and energetically charging your trip with good vibes will make it all the better, here's how and with some great stone recommendations.

  • Jewelry – A subtle pair of Amethyst earrings which is a stone confident in repelling negative energy will be the natural stress reliever you need to enjoy your flight. Pair this with the traveler's gem, Moonstone, as a bracelet or necklace, and the good fortune of safe travel will be on your side. Safe travel crystals have never looked this good.

  • Luggage Tag – A beautifully adorned ID tag on your suitcase embedded with Rose Quartz is a simple way to open the travel process to the energy of love, with an aligned and awakened heart chakra, you will experience increased compassion while flying. This love stone will bring you peace if there are delays or even if your luggage is lost.

  • Sleep – The night before your flight, take a moment to meditate, focus, and delve into a deeper subconscious to connect to a higher realm. Here you will find peace, tranquility, and a presence of calm. Then, place a piece of Tigers Eye under your pillow to dispel any anxiety you may be feeling and calm your nerves, even better would be a Red Tiger's Eye.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals For Travel

When you are packing crystals for travel in your bags you want them to be cleansed and charged for optimal protection and positive energy. Some stones require simply holding them under running water to rid them of bad vibes and then patting them dry, but other crystals for safe travel and protection such as Black Obsidian and Smokey Quartz are at their best when submerged for a few hours or even days in water. Any stored negative energy can be dissolved and neutralized as it is brought back to Earth.

Best Crystals For Safe Travel By Car

Crystals for safe travel and protection are a must when heading out on the open road and not just from external dangers, but the radiation emitted from electronics too. Crystals for travel like Black Tourmaline and Hematite are not only great for deflecting negativity and radio waves, but keeping your aura grounded, alight, and your consciousness alert.

Why You Should Get Stones For Travel

Whether you are traveling alone or with a partner you should always be alert to your surroundings, stones like Yellow Jasper or Aquamarine can provide you with the discernment you need in new places, mental clarity to make safe decisions, but also the courage and fearlessness needed when trying new things. A good balance with a combination of crystals for safe travel and protection will give you the experience you have always dreamed of while traveling.

Travel With Care

It is one thing to be carefree and jet-setting when exploring the world, but being vigilant is a must for being careful. You don't necessarily need to learn martial arts or self-defense, but a more subtle option of packing in crystals for safe travel and protection into your luggage will bring the protective powers of the universe over you ensuring your well-being.

The world and universe are there for you to enjoy and explore, taking a moment's peace to connect with a higher divinity or to realign your chakra at the top of the mountain could be a dream come true, and staying safe using crystals will get you to the top in one piece. Choose your crystal combination for divine protection.

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