Crystals For Love: Best Crystals To Attract Love And Romance

Crystals For Love: Best Crystals To Attract Love And Romance

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

The language of love is spoken throughout the world and in every tongue irrespective of if they may differ. Love knows no boundaries and crystals for love implemented throughout the home will enhance your passion and unleash what you have within, connecting spiritually and physically with the universe will change your life.

We are all looking for love in some form. You may want to meditate while holding a love stone or unblock a chakra for a reawakening of your heart, soul, and mind, there is a gemstone or even a variety of love crystals perfect for you.

Let’s look at the different crystals to best attract love into your life, and to make it easier to navigate, and decide based on the aesthetic of your home color palette and preferences, we have categorized them into colors.

The Red Crystals Of Love

Agate, Red Jasper, and Carnelian all fall under the red hue spectrum, and not only are these crystals for love beautiful to look at, but their color emanates power and confidence. Symbolic of vitality a love stone adorned in dark reds and oranges with flecks of black will bring about an aura of sensuality you didn’t know you were missing.

Agate is a confidence booster, drawing out negative energies and lighting the fire in your heart to go for what you want. Red Jasper gives you clarity and focus to get the job done, it may be pursuing your desires, or increasing your motivation to cross the finish line, the energy of this gemstone will keep you going.

Carnelian with its dark, and mysterious burnt orange-red color keeps the imagination intrigued.  A stabilizing stone with immense metaphysical properties, connecting your lower chakras to a higher realm and grounding you as you manifest the power and zest for life.

Yellow Crystals: A Kiss From The Sun

Bright, vibrant colors are most popular in love crystals such as Sunstone and Citrine. Attracting good vibrations and ultimately the love of your life, these energetic auras will flow through with encouragement all the while enveloping your well-being with positivity.

  • Sunstone – The stone of leadership and a must-have in the home and bedroom, drawing on its energy for personal power and growth.

  • Citrine – The light of your spirit will shine bright with this stone in your life, wear it, decorate your home with it, and absorb its powerful emotional healing as you exude happiness around you and to others, and sowing joy into the world.

Green Crystals: The Grass Is Greener

There is something magical and inspiring about the color green and even more so with crystals for love adorned in the color of Mother Nature herself. Connected to the heart chakra a green gemstone opens the gateway to your soul, awakening your third eye to receive healing and emotional stability, as your heart opens, your lungs expand, you breathe deeper, and bring on a sensation of relaxation in your life.

The more popular crystals are Malachite with its dark green, sensual appearance attracting unconditional love and encouraging risk-taking in life and love. Then we have Aventurine which is filled with an energy of good fortune bringing on a renewed flush of good energy to your emotions which is perfectly harmonious in long-term relationships, or increased luck for attracting new love bonds.

Prehnite, while a more muted color, is anything but subtle. The magical essence allows you to delve deeper into your subconscious and fine-tune your intuition to those around you, and situations you may find yourself in. Love may be right in front of you and Prehnite can open your eyes and your heart to seeing it for its true self.

Ocean Jasper, this love stone elegantly decorated in a marbled texture is the ultimate force for effective and confident communication, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and love. Transformative energy runs through you, releasing an optimism that benefits you both in your conversations and actions, and guiding you as you express your feelings of love.

Blue Crystals Of The Divine

Appropriately, looking to the heavens and the universe beyond, the blue color pallet is fitting, close to the divine, a higher realm we all seek to find and connect with, and crystals for love can be the bridge to get you there.

Blue love crystals to help you connect with your soul mate.

  • Lapis Lazuli – Captivating the wearer and activating the third eye chakra, this gemstone can bring you the transformation you have been searching for in matters of love and relationships. Promoting honesty, compassion, and dignity you have a love stone that can guide and keep you on the straight and narrow.

  • Blue Calcite – Cleansing your soul, and chakras, of negative energies, is essential to reaping the benefits of crystals for love, blue calcite is used by many energy healers for its high-vibration intensity to bring harmony back to the wearer, and maintain balance in recovery and healing.

  • Amazonite – This turquoise beauty is highly sought-after, and even more so by couples looking to reignite their love and relationship. Harnessing the energy of truth, the users of the crystal will experience an awakening in their communication, a presence of clarity flowing through the home and their souls to understand and express with a purpose.

  • Chrysocolla – Known essentially as the ‘teaching stone’, and connected to the heart and throat chakra, these love crystals are great for self-love, because we all need to realign our hearts and emotions from time to time to be the best versions of ourselves and refresh our spirits for emotional healing. This love stone exudes the energy of tranquility for peace in your life.

Black Crystals: Dark And Moody 

Who doesn’t love a sense of mystery and spontaneous adventure in life, and when it comes to love these magical orbs with their deep purple ambiance are the perfect partners. Finding a love stone or multiple crystals for love that connect you to a higher spirit of your intuition and a deeper dimension into your spiritual self, a purple gemstone is a good choice to add to your collection.

Amethyst, the more vibrant of the love stones, is the stone of choice when you want to open up to receive love and unblock, release, and get rid of fears holding you back from being loved. Garnet is one of those deep purple crystals for love that, when you meditate with it or wear it as a piece of jewelry, you find your sexuality becomes strengthened and you can better manage your anger.

Ruby, Obsidian, and Rainbow Obsidian are gemstones that confidently hold their own and would be a superb addition to any home. Their dark auras and presence in your life give you the sensation to be more confident, drawing out negative energies and unblocking and realigning your chakras.

How black obsidian is a needed love stone to help align your chakras.

Pink Crystals: Femininity

A pink crystal has been shown to emit strong vibrations for love, and as they heal your relationships and inspire compassion, your love for your other half grows stronger. For increased love with a subtle element of color in your house, opt for Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Opal, Rhodonite, or Rose Calcite.

White Crystals: A Pure Soul

The final collection is muted yet has a presence of purity. The white crystals of love have been divinely sought-after as they are considered to be the masters of healing, all the while aiding your concentration to focus on the positivity of life, and amplify your spiritual energy.

Kunzite has a softer side to its aura, a calming ambiance great for lowering blood pressure and finding your true love. Moonstone is the epitome of femininity and divinely linked to romance and relationships with its feminine energy, best kept in the bedroom to allow your love to be open to receiving affection.

Mangano Calcite, connected to the heart chakra, is a perfect stone when you want to feel safe as you embark on your love adventure. Guiding and aiding you in the forgiveness of others opens the heart to love. Calcite crystals help you connect to your higher consciousness, and help your mind remember its soul experiences.

Find Your True Love Crystal

Everyone deserves love, and using crystals as guides and aids helps you to organically connect to your spiritual realm, draw on positive energies, and embrace the transformative experience their healing powers can have on your love life.

Making that connection with your third eye opened and your chakras aligned and awakened, you will see how crystals for love can rejuvenate not only the relationships you have with others but the internal self-love relationship you have with yourself.

A higher realm exists so that we may draw on its healing and restorative energies and implement them into our lives for improved well-being. Clarity and vision are only some of the many benefits gemstones have to offer, and finding love is no different. There is a love stone suited for you, discover your love color.

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