Crystals For Protection: Best Stones To Guard From Bad Vibes

Crystals For Protection: Best Stones To Guard From Bad Vibes

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Even the most naturally optimistic people can suffer from the harmful effects of toxic people and the negative energy they bring into a space. So, what to do? While there are many layers behind toxic energy, one accessible, and stunning form of protection are various types of crystals. 

While crystals cannot fix everything for you, studies show it can help promote healing by helping you set your intentions and promote positive thinking. 

Here are 9 of the best crystals for protection and the optimal way to use them against unwanted energies and toxicity. 

Clear Quartz 

First up, there is the dynamic clear quartz. It has the double advantage of warding off negativity and pulling in positivity. It is a rather impressionable protection crystal, so your intentions behind working with it will be very important. 

How To Use Clear Quartz?

Clear quartz works as a shield, so wear it on your person during the day. At the start of the day, set a clear intention on how you want to navigate your day and how the crystal can help shield you. 

Black Tourmaline 

These are popular protection crystals to protect the spirit, mind, body, and emotions simultaneously. This all-around protection is great in the work or living space. It grounds a space to clear away negativity, bad vibes, and harmful energies. Your aura becomes a shield for negative energies to bounce off rather than enter the body. 

How To Use Black Tourmaline?

If you want to clear bad energies from your home, place the crystal near the front door or in each corner of the space. If you are using it in your toxic work environment or against negative people, simply place it on your desk as a protective layer. 

Yellow Jasper

For a deep earthly connection, try the stabilizing energy of yellow jasper. This crystal is useful for discernment to protect from deceptive people.

This crystal has been used as protection against talismans throughout history. It is one of the best protection crystals for physical and spiritual travels. 

How To Use Yellow Jasper?

As a physical protector, yellow jasper is great to use on your travels. Like clear quartz, try keeping it on your person during travels.

If you opening up spiritually, keep yellow jasper on hand. This includes during journeywork, meditation, or astral travel. 

Black Obsidian 

If you need a positive and calming layer of protection, turn to black obsidian. It blocks dark energy from the body and gives a positive, calming energy. It has often been used by shamans and witches to break spirit attachments, curses, and bad fortune. 

Overall, black obsidian will remind you to look on the bright side. 

How To Use Black Obsidian?

Placement will depend on your intentions. These protection stones should be stored in a place where you can easily bring it along with you. Alternatively, you can place it in a space where you frequently need stones for protection.

For example, if traffic is the bane of your existence, simply keep one in the car to secure you peace of mind. 

>>For More Information On How These Healing Crystals Can Protect Your Aura And Tips On A Few More Protection Stones Check Out This Video Below!

Black Jade 

These protection stones help you avoid negative situations and people by expanding your intuition. Often it can be hard to tell where the source of negativity is, but black jade opens your mind to find the root of the problem.

How To Use Black Jade?

Black jade is a personal guard to your energy, so treat it as such. If you are embarking on new adventures or travels, bring it along. 


This digital age is inundated with technology, and its harmful effects. Pyrite, with its golden hue and natural beauty, is a shield from those effects on the body and mind. 

How To Use Pyrite?

Keep a pyrite cube between you and the computer as you work. The coloring is often seen as a creativity booster, so this protection stone is perfect when starting a new task or project.


For a soothing atmosphere, use smithsonite as a calming tool to connect with your heart. This gorgeous crystal is relaxing and calming by simply looking at it. 

How To Use Smithsonite?

These stones for protection help connect to your heart center, so it is great to use in the home. Place it somewhere that you want to send a message of unconditional love and connectivity. 


When it comes to the best stones for protection, citrine is an essential stone. Citrine projects its positive energy to its surroundings to bring positive vibes to any situation. It also transmutes negative thoughts, feelings, and energies into positive vibes.

In addition to general protection, citrine also protects wealth. It cleanses the spiritual self and aura to protect from ill wishes and threats while promoting joy, warmth, and vitality.

How To Use Citrine?

As a general protection stone, keep it on your person, or anywhere you feel you need protection. This could mean keeping it on your desk at work to promote positivity or in the home to project joy and warmth. 


One of the best crystals for protection in relationships is labradorite. It guards the heart chakra to repel negative energy in toxic relationships and against people who seek to drain energy. 

Labradorite is one of the best crystals for protection against the psychic attack that often occurs when people seek to turn negative emotions back on you. These stones for protections empower you to establish healthy boundaries and avoid negative influences or toxic manipulation.

How To Use Labradorite?

Labradorite protects the heart chakra — so keep it on your person and, ideally, near your heart. It is particularly one of the best crystals for protection for empaths in need of a layer to shield and cleanse the aura. 

The Bottom Line

Yes, there are a lot of crystal skeptics in the general population, but what better form of protection than the natural relics given through natural processes? It worked for the Romans! Ancient Roman warriors proudly used hematite for physical protection in battle — so why can’t we use the best crystals for protection in our spaces for modern battles? 

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