Crystals For Health: Ultimate Healing Crystals For Wellness

Crystals For Health: Ultimate Healing Crystals For Wellness

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

When we make a point of using natural medicines and health alternatives, working with crystals for health is a great option to heal yourself from the inside out. Activating the healing energies of the stones allows you to delve deeper into your higher subconscious to awaken and realign your center to embrace the recovery and be renewed for a fresh beginning.

For centuries healing crystals have changed the way tribes, cultures, and religions have conducted their medicinal practices and rituals, and the divine connection opens the gateway to a higher spiritual realm for a deeper cleanse.

To make things easier for you, we put together this list of the best crystals for health.

Why Use Crystals For Health?

Envisioning the purpose of the stone is half the battle won, and by choosing the most suitable good health crystals for your ailments or simply to rejuvenate your overall well-being, you can ensure you will discover a means to a healthier being.

Using healing crystals is a perfect way to prevent bad energy from being attached to you. You want your aura to be shining bright, attracting good vibes, and the stones are a good way to boost your low energy. The transformative powers of crystals not only unblock and release good energy vibrations, but offer a state of homeostasis from within to be at peace mentally, emotionally, and physically.

How To Use Crystals For Health?

People differ from all walks of life and working with the stones may be easier or more practical for some compared to others, but a foundational means is all you need to embrace and enjoy the crystals for health that will change your life for the better. 

You can begin by identifying the issue, what’s imbalanced in your aura or spirit, and choose a stone to experience the healing transformation with.

Certain gems are more in-tune to specific areas of the body, others are amplified when paired with another stone, as you become increasingly familiar with working with good health crystals you will know which ones to reach for during your healing period. Let’s see some of the more common, popular stones to try and which are great for beginners delving into the universe of healing crystals.


The perfect stone when it comes to choosing crystals for health as it embodies all new beginnings and is known as the stone of fresh starts. It aids in stress relief, locks into your crown charka to offer clarity of thinking, and awakens your third eye to strengthen your intuition.

Blue Aragonite

This stone with its unique throat chakra relationship will open the gateway for you to experience effective communication, whether to express emotional anguish you need to be released from or to confront a blockage, this is the stone for you.

Black Tourmaline

Crystals for health come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but the black tourmaline is not only aesthetically elegant but is a great stone for absorbing negative energies. As it opens to the root chakra it ensures you remain grounded and alleviates stress and anxiety.

A cleansed stone is a powerful stone. Removing stale energy from the gem before using it will ensure you maximize its healing energy, simply do this by holding it under running water as the negative vibes run off, or by burning a sage bundle and running the stone through the smoke to cleanse it. Sage has long been a metaphysical tool for offering clean energy to an environment.

The intention is key to taking a moment for yourself as you work with and use crystals for health, and no stone is better than the Dream Quartz crystal. It brings peace to the heart, helps the body relax, and is great to use before bed for soothing energy during deep meditation.

Other good health crystals which are a good choice for increased physical well-being and improving your body internally or externally are:

Clear Quartz

Considered by crystal experts as the ‘master healer’ because it is energetically attuned to all other crystals each rejuvenating off the other’s positive vibrations, but it also aligns all of your chakras for complete internal balance.


If you tend to become overwhelmed in a stressful situation then holding a piece of Jasper will help bring a sense of calm over you. The nurturing nature of the gem helps to balance your yin and yang energies and offers support to be at peace during the situation.

Are Crystals Good For Health?

Like with all things there are always two sides to a story, those that do believe and others that are skeptical, but from the daily increasing success stories of crystal users, it is safe to say that positive effects are happening. We know the universe has a higher purpose for all of us, a divine intervention that guides our paths and using Mother-Nature-given elements makes sense for organic healing.

People have used healing crystals for recovery from physical, emotional, and mental issues for years, and as an alternative to chemically-manufactured options, you can embrace the force of energetic vibrations by opening your mind to the possibilities of crystals for health.

To get you started why not try the following healing crystals to get you started on your crystal healing adventure?

  • Garnet – Activates success and brings emotional balance to the body.

  • Lapis Lazuli – It cleanses the throat and third eye chakra to ward off psychic attacks and increases your wisdom to be more aware.

  • Tigers Eye – The stone of courage will give you the confidence you need to make great decisions in life, personally and career-wise. 

  • Bloodstone – The perfect option of good health crystals when you need to reawaken your creative side. Its unblocking energy will leave you feeling revitalized.

Which Crystal Bracelet Is Good For Health?

Wearing healing crystals in jewelry is a good way to ground yourself in a constant flow of good energy and vibes, and bracelets adorned with beautiful stones will be an elegant complement to any outfit. Try these crystals; Citrine, Obsidian, Malachite, Selenite, or Smoky Quartz on your wrist for all-day tranquility and healing vibrations, and they come in great colors too.

Healing Crystals For Health

Healing is done in many forms across the world, and using healing crystals such as Hematite with its moody hue will keep you grounded and balanced and bridge the gap between you and your physical body.

What Crystal Is Good For Mental Health?

If you’re trying to overcome abuse of any kind, but more so mental attacks, then Carnelian is the gem for you. It motivates you to be your best self, dispels negative energy and attacks against you, and promotes positivity in your life from within. A mental healing crystal to restore vitality.

What Crystal Is Good For Physical Health?

If you need a reigniting of your energy and internal vibrations the metaphysical healing properties of this gem are life-changing. Amethyst aids in boosting the immune system, increasing digestive health, and even small ailments such as fatigue or headaches are healed.

What Crystals Are Good For Heart Health?

Rose Quartz – We know in life that times can be tough and we can overreact, opting for good health crystals such as rose quartz will help you to embrace a feeling of peace from within and open your heart to dispel negative energy. Connected to the heart chakra it increases blood flow and keeps the heart stable and healthy.

Are Crystals Bad For Your Health?

Working with good health crystals certainly takes time and practice, but when done well can create a balance and alignment within that you may never have experienced before. Crystals work and connect with our internal energy fields and chakra, and thus this flow of good energy has promoted significant healing changes in people all over the world. It is advised to work with an expert till you are comfortable going out on your own, but it won’t negatively affect your health.

What Crystals Are Best For Health Practitioners

There are endless variations of healing crystals each attuning to a unique vibration and energy to heal, and as a combination, they will amplify each other’s metaphysical healing properties to maximize your recovery. A great gem, the Angel Aura Quartz, is a good choice when searching for an aid to reach a place of purification and rest, as well as being beautiful, this stone has a high vibrational energy shielding and protecting us from external negative energies.

Crystals For Health Wrap Up

The world of gemstones and using crystals for health has become increasingly evident as people turn to alternative, organic means for healing, and with much success thus far. Connecting spiritually and mentally with a higher realm brings a presence of peace to us, enveloping us in an essence of calm and offering us a meditative practice to align our well-being.

Working with healing crystals will you be reawakened, refreshed, and transformed when you use the picturesque stones the universe has created and made readily available to us.

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