Best Crystals For Pregnancy: Crystals For Birth And Healing

Best Crystals For Pregnancy: Crystals For Birth And Healing

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Embarking on the journey of pregnancy is a profound experience that intertwines the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. As expectant mothers navigate this transformative period, the support of nature's gifts can be incredibly grounding and uplifting.

Among these gifts, crystals for pregnancy emerge as gentle companions, offering their unique energies to support, protect, and nurture both mother and child through the stages of pregnancy.

Explore the magic of healing crystals as we delve into the harmonious world of crystals, exploring how these natural wonders can enhance the pregnancy experience.

From fostering a deeper connection with the unborn child to easing the physical discomforts of pregnancy and preparing for childbirth, we'll uncover the specific crystals that resonate with this miraculous time.

Discover the gentle power of crystals in supporting the journey of motherhood, ensuring a balanced, peaceful, and joyful path to welcoming new life.

Best Crystals For Pregnancy And Their Benefits Include:

  • Moonstone for inner growth and strength

  • Aventurine for dispersing negative emotion

  • Unakite for creating a balanced reproductive system

  • Amethyst for inner peace and stability

  • Malachite for safe child delivery

  • Peridot for making childbirth easier

  • Pink Chalcedony for strengthening the bond between mother and baby

  • Rose Quartz for bonding between mother and child

  • Citrine for post-partum depression and imbalance

  • Carnelian for physical strength and vibrancy

  • Lepidolite for fostering positive energy

  • Fluorite for positive energy and nutrient-absorber

  • Angelite for comfort and protection


Moonstone is good for pregnancy because it helps with morning sickness and tiredness. The crystal provides energy that soothes and relieves fear, stress, and labor contractions. It is helpful during pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. Also, it does the following:

  • Provides support for feminine phases.

  • Creates a balanced hormone.

  • Reinforces fluid retention.

You can put your moonstone in any place. You can place it in your bedroom or living room. The most important thing is to put it where you need it. You can activate your moonstone by setting it on your window overnight for the moon to rest on it. You can burn incense or sage to cleanse it of all absorbed negative energy.


This green crystal is one of the essential crystals for pregnant women as it reduces morning sickness, indigestion, and heartburn. It is also known as the stone of opportunity for bringing good luck to its user and creating confidence, perseverance, and optimism. These are important feelings women need during pregnancy. 


Unakite is a valuable crystal for providing positive energy and keeping babies healthy. When used, it fosters a good connection between the mother and her unborn child all through the pregnancy phase. You can use it to stay connected and calm in your heart, especially during childbirth. 


This crystal is one of the pregnancy crystals that meets the emotional needs of pregnancy. Pregnant women experience lots of mood swings and anxiety during this phase. While some get too excited about being pregnant, others get overwhelmed and scared. Amethyst is the go-to pregnancy crystal to alleviate fears, anxieties, and mood swings. It also relieves insomnia; it helps pregnant women sleep better and less stressed about pregnancy and childbirth worries.


Also known as the Midwife’s Stone. You can use it during childbirth to reduce labor pain, stimulate contractions, and safe delivery. During childbirth, malachite keeps both the mother and the baby safe. You can also use the stone after childbirth for protection from evil and harmful spirits.


Peridot opens the birth canal, strengthens the mother’s immune system, and makes childbirth easier and trouble-free. Because its usefulness manifests during delivery, we recommend you wear it only when you are in labor, not during pregnancy or after birth. 

Pink Chalcedony

This stone is one of the pregnancy crystals that strengthens the bond between the mother and the unborn child. We recommend it for mothers anxious about their unborn child’s safety and strength. Pink Chalcedony is good for calming the mother and enhancing her emotional state of mind. Furthermore, it makes lactation better and eases any nursing problem.

Rose Quartz 

Helps foster a better bond between mother and baby. It is also known as the stone of love that increases motherly instincts to create a better bond. It heals and relaxes the body, mind, and soul and pulsates love to create an intimate bond between mother and child.


This yellow crystal is a post-partum crystal that helps new mothers with depression. It enhances hormonal rebalance and creates a joyful atmosphere for the mothers. Citrine is a positivity stone that exhibits the virtue of inspiration and self-healing. 


Provides physical strength, good stamina, and vibrancy. It brings good luck during pregnancy, reduces stress, and calms your anxious mind. Carnelian is the stone you need for a healthy and safe pregnancy phase. It is an all-purpose stone you can use from pregnancy to childbirth.


Helps soothes the mind and gives positive energy. If you are stressed about your pregnancy, scared about the childbirth process, or need a mood-lifter, Lepidolite is the go-to crystal. It gives good energy and joy while relieving you of pregnancy stress.


This stone is popularly known for enhancing nutrient absorption during pregnancy. It instantly soothes and provides positive energy. It also helps your body absorb all the nutrients you need for yourself and the baby. Likewise, you can use it when having sleeping troubles or feeling down. It will bring the peaceful and positive mood you need to stay energized.


Angelite is known as a pregnancy stone that protects both mother and the baby. It provides spiritual support and guidance for pregnant women to prevent feeling lost and sad. Do you feel alone or scared during pregnancy? Angelite gives the comfort, support, and protection you need.

How To Use These Crystals For Pregnancy:

  • You can wear it as jewelry.

  • You can put it in your pocket or purse. 

  • You can hold it in your hand.

  • You can place it under your pillow in your bedroom.

  • You can put it on specific parts of your body during meditation.

>>Find Out More On How To Use Crystals For Pregnancy In The Video Below! 

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy can be overwhelming for most women because it comes with lots of emotion, anxiety, and stress. Pregnant women undergo many changes during this phase, which can be challenging for their state of mind and emotional wellness.

Among the crystals that exist, there are crystals for pregnancy to help boost their physical and emotional stability. Those crystals will give you the comfort, protection, vitality, and balance you need during pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. 

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