Crystals For Pain: Best Healing Crystals For Pain Relief

Crystals For Pain: Best Healing Crystals For Pain Relief

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

When we experience pain more often than not we simply push through thinking we will just endure it till it goes away, but this is no way to live, is it? The universe did not create and put out healing options for us just to dismiss them, but rather to embrace their healing energies and to be enveloped by their metaphysical vibrations, which is why using crystals for pain might be the solution to your problems.

Knowing which crystals work best is essential for targeting the inflamed area and getting to the root of the problem. And while getting treated or treating yourself be sure to stay protected to prevent a reoccurring ailment, which the gem Black Tourmaline is great for.

As you work with individual crystals for the pain you realize the powerful transformational presence in your life, but too often seeing results can cause us to rush the process. Take your time, and include Petrified Wood in your meditative healing aids to give you the patience you need and to bring those positive changes to fruition.

How To Use Crystals For Pain Relief

Anyone who works long hours in the office hunched over a chair or who does manual labor for a living will be all too familiar with the discomfort of back pain, but it can be treated without the need for a prescription. Using healing crystals for back pain is becoming increasingly popular due to the success rate and elimination of taking pills or having injections.

Realigning your sacral chakra within is a great starting point as it is associated with your lower back and sexual organs, if this is blocked you will know about it.

An elegant stone such as Malachite is not only pretty to look at but by bringing relief to joints quicker than most crystals you can enjoy a release from the pain faster, paired with Smoky Quartz which offers an energy of relaxation to treat stiff sore muscles.

Simply hold the stone in your hand, close your eyes and focus as you repeat your affirmations into the universe to be absorbed by the gem. Once you connect with its energy and vibrations through your higher subconscious, place the stone in the tense area to allow the healing energies to flow through you and release the tension.

If you prefer to see an expert who specializes in and works with crystals for back pain and understands which crystals for pain will help target your issues, why not go for a Sunstone massage? This positive aura gem is all about cleansing and easing and bringing relief to a stressed lower back. A massage session or Reiki is relaxing in itself, but now you get to enjoy being pampered with healing crystals for back pain.

How Do You Use Hematite For Pain?

The wonderful thing about working with crystals for pain, and specifically with Hematite, is that you can treat a variety of areas.

You want to find a quiet place where you can clear your mind, reach a higher realm in your consciousness, and connect with the divine healing and grounding energies the stone has to offer. As you sit in a relaxed, comfortable position with the stone in your hand and you draw on its aura to envelop you, focus your affirmations of healing from the stone as it balances and rejuvenates your Sacral and Root chakras.

As you center yourself, why not pair your meditation session with Fluorite, one of the top crystals for absorbing negative energies sought-after and used by healers as it not only increases concentration to allow us to heal within a parallel universe but improves coordination too. A combination of higher powers is why using healing crystals for pain is so successful and fast becoming the future of medicine.

The Lapis Lazuli stone is perfect to bring it all together, lowering blood pressure as your pain eases, and soothing any residual inflammation taking a little longer to subside while boosting your immune system.

What Crystals Are Good For Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition not often spoken about but which causes suffering in millions of people each year, this condition sees muscles so severely inflamed to the point where even a simple touch can cause excruciating pain in the person. Using crystals for pain has been a chemical-free alternative to easing the issue, and the healing vibrations that release and alleviate the pain are why people are opting for more natural treatments.

Some of the best crystals for back pain you may already have in your collection, see here for others to include to increase the healing energy in your life and home:

  • Carnelian – One of the more common gems to use. It restores confidence while combatting depression and negativity which comes from being constantly in pain.

  • Selenite – A must-have stone in your collection when working with healing crystals for back pain as it essentially expedites the process by increasing vitality and balancing your internal energy field.

  • Lepidolite – Constant pain brings with it a lot of anxiety, wondering when it will flare up and how severe, and this negatively impacts social and professional situations. This crystal significantly eases anxiety and brings a sense of calm over you to balance your emotions and mental state.

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A Last Thought

There are no right or wrong crystals for pain, the main objective is that you implement them into your life, and if you can benefit from being healed while using them then what have you got to lose? Getting a prescription is easy enough but it only covers the issues not necessarily healing you from them, with crystals given by Mother Nature herself you have organic minerals that soothe and repair you to live the life you deserve. Pain-free.

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