Crystals For Lucid Dreaming: Best Dream Stones

Crystals For Lucid Dreaming: Best Dream Stones

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Delving deeper into your spiritual realm and increasing your spiritual connection with a divine aura is something we can all benefit from and enjoy, and using crystals for lucid dreaming is one step closer to a universe beyond our mental capabilities and spiritual possibilities. You can significantly increase your mental capacity by dreaming where you are in control, and lucid dreams are that connective bridge.

Why You Should Get Crystals For Dreaming

Tapping into a bespoke, essentially hand-crafted world is what it feels like when we dream. More often than not we don't know that we are dreaming, or can't remember anything the next morning, but what if you could?

Discovering crystals for lucid dreaming can open the door to another world, one with consequence-free possibilities, and ignite your aura to new sensations and experiences you otherwise would not have the chance to enjoy. These dream stones are the bridge to a higher realm, one where you navigate the path as, when, and how you like.

Discover how to use crystals for dreams.

Some stones are more apt than others and can determine the type of dream you have. Gems such as Moonstone are great for those new to the world of crystals and their powers, it is the stone of new beginnings and encourages deep sleep while opening a gateway to your unconscious mind. Others such as Moldavite with its hypnotizing green hue are one of those crystals for dreams you don't want to miss out on. This stone will help you to go beyond your capabilities, intensifying your intentions to dream lucidly, and with its strong energetic vibrations amplifies the other crystals you pair it with.

Then we have crystals for lucid dreaming such as Phenacite which is the very essence of lucid dreaming. Sleeping with this stone under your pillow will help you remain conscious while exploring your dream world, and one of the must-have dream stones to experience a deeper lucid state, it pairs perfectly with Fluorite. Together these gems offer a more vivid connection while maintaining discernment in the parallel realm, the combined powers of these two dream stones are strong so it is essential to be aware of this and to be ready for this transformative adventure.

If you enjoy lucid dreaming then an intensified focus using Clear Quartz which opens your crown chakra is the gem for you. Using crystals for dreams opens a world of situations otherwise impossible, but acting as an energy amplifier this stone can focus your intentions to dream consciously.

How To Use Crystals For Dreaming

Many people think that simply having a crystal, or a few crystals for good dreams, placed around your bedroom will allow you to dream lucidly and with the memory of it the next day, but this couldn't be further from the truth. More than likely the stone is not cleansed or charged, or you have not made a specific notion of the correct gem or combination for optimal dream states.

If you want to enjoy a deeper experience and want to find or use crystals for lucid dreaming, then choose the right stone with intent. Here are some popular stones and how best to use them when drifting off to dreamland.

Choose The Right One

Gems such as Azurite which are perfect for increasing imagination are great starter stones to open your psychic awareness as you transcend to a higher dimension, and combined with Blue Celestite it not only increases the vividness of your dreams but your intuition becomes more astute which is essential while discovering the dream realm.

Another stone, the Black Obsidian, has been highly sought-after for its grounding energy and for bringing clarity to dreams, much like Apatite with its unique characteristic of concentration, perfect for night times.

Avoid The Wrong Types

Of course, not all crystals are the same and have the same purpose, so choosing carefully is key, but so is not choosing. You ideally want to choose crystals for lucid dreaming that increase your awareness or improve your communications, Carnelian does just that. By stimulating the solar plexus chakra you can better express yourself while dreaming and awake.

And if you want to remember your dreams then Red Jasper with its vibrant energy is the stone you want, because who wouldn't want to enjoy those moments in a parallel universe?

Shamanic dream stone, also known as amethyst, is widely believed to have powerful metaphysical properties that can enhance your nights vivid dreams. Its calming vibrations are said to soothe the mind and soul, helping to release negative thought patterns and blockages that may hinder one's access to the dream state. Amethyst acts to promote pleasant dreams and restful sleep.

Many spiritual practitioners choose to keep amethyst crystals close by, such as under their pillow or as a piece of jewelry, to amplify its mystical energies and facilitate a deeper connection to their dreams.


A well-placed crystal is essential to embrace its effects fully. Places like under your pillow or at the foot of the bed for stability and grounding make using stones such as Malachite which exude healing energy, or Sodalite for emotional balance while asleep, a must. 

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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

While there is still a debate on the topic there have been many success stories that have come from using crystals for lucid dreaming. Howlite is a powerful stone that helps to strengthen memory but which increases the desire for knowledge, and when you remember how it feels to be in control while dreaming, many people wake up feeling empowered.

Discover dream stones and how to use the crystals.

When your senses are heightened and you are conscious of your surroundings and actions in this cosmic state, your subconscious increases with focus and you feel the transformative power and energy run through you. This sparks creativity and people have proven to be more imaginative when waking from a lucid dream experience.

Be sure though to consult with a crystal professional healer and expert before trying it on your own, this way you have guidance from industry experts and those with a higher connection to the universe. You can also keep a piece of black tourmaline close by as it acts as powerful protector against negative energy and psychic attacks.

Crystals For Lucid Dreaming Are A Great Adventure

If you are having a season of disrupted sleep then opting to use crystals for lucid dreaming could be the solution to your problems. With the right advice and guidance and choosing the perfect stones, you could soon be exploring the world of dreams with a sense of adventure and wake up the next morning remembering everything, eager to tell the tales.

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