Crystals For Good Luck: Stones To Attract Good Fortune

Crystals For Good Luck: Stones To Attract Good Fortune

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Enjoying the benefits of good vibrations when using crystals for good luck can open doors and opportunities for you in your personal and professional life, and stones such as Green Jade which promote an abundance of wealth in business may be just the creative success you have been looking for.

Running a successful company is not always easy, but taking control and using gems like Green Aventurine for financial stability can certainly bring the guidance of a higher realm down on you to make great decisions.
Best good luck crystals to try for good fortune.

How To Use Crystals For Good Luck

There are several ways in which to enjoy the rewards of good luck crystals in your life, some are quick to implement, and others take some effort, either way, the universe will be on your side for good fortune. Here’s how:

  • Meditate – Holding a charged crystal while taking time for yourself to meditate and connect with your subconscious helps you to visualize what you want, stones for luck such as Carnelian which bestows empowerment over you leading to good fortune can make that happen.

  • Jewelry – Wearing a beautifully handcrafted necklace with a hanging Rose Quartz stone is a simple yet elegant way to open your heart chakra to accept abundance whether it be in love or luck, or why not both. Or if subtle pink is not your color a pair of Peridot earrings with its sophisticated green hue, also known as the money stone, might be the perfect gem to complete your look.

What Crystal Is Best For Good Luck?

Finding the right crystals for good luck can sometimes be overwhelming, you want your aura to feel awakened and refreshed with renewed energy, so the right choice is essential. For all-around good luck, the Smoky Quartz is a good option to keep on you at all times, and even more so at the office for favor in business, but stones for luck like Malachite will give you the confidence and wisdom to take calculated risks and step out of your comfort zone.

Staying in your lane in life sometimes prevents growth, but expanding your horizons and thinking beyond what we can visibly see is the universe’s way of telling us we have the potential to be so much more.

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What Crystals Are Best For Good Luck In Your Home?

When you bring good luck crystals into the home you feel their vibrations flow through you and the house, and their powerful energies can bring not only protection but a presence of good fortune.  Crystals that bring an essence of luck to the home are the beautiful Tigers Eye with its aura of possibilities, and Garnet all moody and dark purple guiding your path to success in life, love, experience, or wealth.

What Color Crystal Is For Good Luck?

Yellow is always associated with a positive vibe and a happy feeling of well-being, so a mystical stone like Citrine is the perfect choice when searching for crystals for good luck. When good favor is on your side the mood-boosting properties of this gem are glorious and you feel its transformative power envelop you. 

What Crystals Are Best For Good Luck In School?

For many years humans have been using more natural, alternative options for treating ailments in their physical, spiritual, and mental capacities, and when it comes to good luck crystals it is no different. Completing your education is one thing but to do so successfully and come out the other end with a wealth of knowledge is another, you need mental clarity when tackling the workload and with Clear Quartz by your side, you can have peace of mind.

Keeping this stone in your hand while you study and setting a mindful intention for success for your exams, this stone associated with crystals for good luck will certainly assist you as it reaffirms your positive affirmations.

What Crystals Are Good For Luck And Money?

Luck and money seemingly go hand in hand but if your chakra is blocked you will miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the dynamic air of wealth and good fortune stones for luck can bring. To prevent you from being held back by past associations take the time to sit with the crystal Pyrite, although known as ‘fool’s gold,’ it is a stone embodied with positivity and could be the transformative energy you need in your life.

When a divine presence is over your life and everything seems to work effortlessly, this is when you need to take care, people with negative energies will want what you have and this negativity can cause your emotions to fall out of balance and more importantly your chakras to become misaligned. Protect yourself with the Labradorite metaphysical properties which aid as a powerful protector and will shield you from harm. Paired with a Red Jade stone to eliminate fear and calm your emotions, this homeostasis of the two will bring you tranquility to find compassion as you continue with your financial endeavors.

Best Crystals For Good Luck In Your Job

Associated with the crown and heart chakra the Blue Goldstone is the gem you want close to you when thinking about which crystals for good luck you should take with you to your job interview or workplace.  It is highly regarded as a protection mineral in the spiritual realm and embracing its motivational vibrations will fill you with the confidence and drive to be your best.

Creating Your Own Luck: How to Use Crystals Mindfully

Creating your own luck is all about knowing how to use these crystals mindfully. Whether it’s wearing them as jewelry or placing them in your workspace, it’s possible to harness their energies to attract luck and good fortune. But it’s not just about having the right crystals; it’s about knowing how to cleanse and charge them to keep their energies vibrant and potent.

Caring for Your Lucky Crystals: Cleansing and Charging

Proper care of your lucky crystals is crucial in maintaining their positive energies. This involves not just cleaning them but also knowing how to energize them.

It’s time to understand how to cleanse and charge these crystals to preserve their luck-attracting properties.

Purifying Your Crystals

Purifying your crystals is the first step to maintaining their positive energy. This can be achieved through various methods, including smudging with sage, exposing them to moonlight, or even using sound healing techniques.

Additionally, certain stones, like Carnelian and Hematite, can cleanse other crystals just by being placed in close proximity.

Energizing Your Stones

Once cleansed, your stones need to be energized. This can be achieved by placing them on larger stones such as quartz clusters or under copper charging pyramids.

Exposing them to sunlight or moonlight for a few hours can also recharge them, but be careful of too much direct sunlight as it may damage certain stones.

Preserving Crystal Integrity

Preserving your crystals’ integrity is just as important as cleansing and charging them. Handling them with clean hands, storing them in silk or velvet pouches, and using wood trays or bowls can help maintain their natural healing powers.

Additionally, using brass or metal bowls for storage can purify your crystals, clearing them of negative energies.

Good Luck Thoughts

There is no time like the present, as the old story goes, and working with crystals for good luck will give you the ambition and drive to be at the top of your game, and with a clear mind at that. Choosing powerful stones that are great to look at too makes being wealthy and successful a pleasure to embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which crystal is best for luck?

Green Jade is considered one of the best crystals for bringing luck, wealth, and fortune. Other lucky stones include Red Jade, Citrine, and Green Aventurine.

Which is the luckiest stone?

The luckiest stone is a natural yellow sapphire, as it represents royalty, charisma, and robustness, making it a symbol of luck and success. So, consider using a yellow sapphire to bring luck into your life!

What is the most powerful crystal?

The most powerful crystal is clear quartz. It is known for its ability to suppress negativity and promote optimism and peace.

What stone brings luck and money?

Green Jade is considered a symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperity in many cultures, making it a popular stone for attracting money.

Can crystals really bring good luck?

Crystals may bring good luck according to many people's beliefs, even though there's no scientific evidence to support this.

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