Crystals For Anxiety: Best Stones To Help Calm The Mind

Crystals For Anxiety: Best Stones To Help Calm The Mind

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Feeling uneasy or completely consumed by fear can take a toll on a person both mentally and physically but when you use crystals for anxiety you have an opportunity to take control of your life the way you want to. Using natural minerals created from the Earth is one of the best ways to heal, and as you embrace the healing vibrations of the stones and become enveloped with their energies you will feel their transformative powers.

Imparting a sense of serenity over your life is easier than you think, simply holding an Amethyst crystal in your hand can make you feel less worried. Not only can it help cleanse and unblock your aura leaving you feeling lighter and more positive afterward, but its high-frequency vibrations repel negative energies keeping you protected and focused forward.

Pair this gem with Black Tourmaline and you have a winning combination. The grounding properties of tourmaline enhance motivation, and with a refreshed and cleansed aura, you can have the mental clarity needed to get things done without being afraid. Taking a quiet moment to sit and meditate with these crystals will keep you protected and energized throughout the day.

How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety

Feeling anxious is never fun so knowing there are natural healing crystals for anxiety can give you the peace of mind you need to carry on. Too often when we are overthinking or are stressed with low self-confidence we forget ourselves, using Rose Quartz with its positive but gentle energy is perfect to bring back the self-love you need.

Another one of the best crystals for anxiety is Moonstone which comes as no surprise as its guiding feminine aura is highly sought-after and used by healers around the world. The pure essence it exudes allows you to reach a higher realm for focus and to re-center yourself, and making that connection to the divine will dispel any feelings of being off-kilter.

So how can you use crystals for anxiety when you are going through the day, well you could start with a small crystal such as Shungite and keep it in your trouser or jacket pocket. When you feel a sense of unease creeping in simply place your hand on the stone to draw on its energy and experience it absorbing negative spirits away from you. It is a perfect option when looking into healing crystals for anxiety as it calms your sacral chakra to help overcome emotional difficulties you may be facing during the day.

If you always wear a piece of jewelry why not swap it for one adorned with an elegant stone? The Citrine gem has a beautiful yellow hue that effortlessly compliments any outfit, it embodies positive energy that encourages self-belief in your decision-making whilst maintaining an air of confidence. Wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, or a great pair of earrings, crystals for anxiety have never looked this good.

What Are The Best Crystals For Overthinking?

Hectic lifestyles come with consequences, and part of that unfortunately is feelings of anxiousness and self-deprivation, but when using healing crystals for anxiety you can overcome them and begin to implement them into your everyday routine.

Overthinking can lead to stress so discovering and making the most of the best crystals for anxiety can change your life for the better, here are a few popular and more common options, great for beginners.

  • Rhodonite – Triggers can cause emotional outbursts and even more so when you are feeling overwhelmed, finding the best crystals for anxiety helps to repair emotional wounds and prevent self-destructive behaviors.

  • Howlite – Good for dispelling negative emotions and drawing out your anxiety, using this stone will rebalance your inner center.

  • Lapis Lazuli – Keeping things in can soon build up and explode when we least expect or want them to, this gem opens the gateway to our internal communications with our higher subconscious and aids in dealing with the hidden issues.

  • Smokey Quartz – Realigning your chakra to be more aware of your bodily senses, this is one of those crystals for anxiety that help you remember what is important, and transform your negative thinking into positive.

Crystals For Anxiety And Sleep

Before you go to bed take the time to meditate with the gem Fluorite which promotes peace of mind for a deeper sleep. Its vibrating energy helps to detoxify the spirit from the activities and negative presences of the day and changes those into positive ones. This way you can fall asleep with a clear, calm mind.

If you have Celestite as part of your collection of crystals for anxiety you have been learning more about it is perfect to add to your nightly meditation session. The body will be cleansed and flushed from draining toxins and healed from stress-related disorders absorbed at the office. What better way to close the day?

The stone of courage, Tigers Eye, will give you the bravery and determination to tackle the upcoming day. Sleep with this under your pillow, at the foot of your bed, or somewhere in your room to wake up feeling strong and motivated. This stone balances and realigns your sacral and root chakras so you remain grounded but focused. You feel its divine presence envelop you and embracing its protective energy you take the day with confidence.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t let the worries of the world drag you down with overwhelming stress and habits of overthinking, implement crystals for anxiety into your everyday routines for calmer reactions and better decision-making. The universe has been divinely created with positive energies and auras ready to experience, take the time to embrace them, be renewed by them, and be healed mentally and emotionally from the inside out. 

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