What Is Orgonite? Explaining The Orgonite Pyramids

What Is Orgonite? Explaining The Orgonite Pyramids

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Creating a home where you feel safe, and content, and have peace of mind that your family is happy is easier to achieve when you dispel the surrounding environment from stagnant and negative energies absorbed from trips outside the house.

Crystals are a great way to re-energize the room and hand-crafted ornamental items such as orgonite make the perfect décor accessory but also a cleanser. These bespoke-looking pyramids make a space look and feel more at ease, and with the color varieties available on the market it is easy to add a complimenting crystal to your space.

What Is Orgonite?

We have all seen those elegant semi-transparent pyramids in crystal stores neatly lining the shelves, but what they are or how they are made is something we do not consider, but they are unique and highly sought-after by crystal enthusiasts and healers.

The orgone pyramid is used to harmonize bio-energy and is a bespoke combination of metal and crystal which is then set into resin.

The pressure needed for the resin to set creates constant pressure on the crystal stones and releases their metaphysical powers.

Orgonite And Orgone: The Same Thing?

While many people confuse the two for being the same thing with interchangeable names they are different with similarities. Orgonite pertains to the physical object of metals, resin, and crystals combined into shapes, which essentially attain the life energy we know as Orgone.

An orgone pyramid on the other hand refers to energy in its natural form and is what we need to disrupt electromagnetic fields (EMF) we are exposed to at work or in the outside world.

Why Use The Orgonite Pyramid In Your Life?

We could all use a moment of quiet to ourselves as we try to juggle the constant rate race of the 9-5 or maintain some form of normality with our schedules and routines, and come home with all that built-up energy from the external world can soon take a toll on your safe-haven.

Coming home you want to unwind, distress, and with your auric field dull and full of negativity you may have absorbed, you need something that will help to cleanse and clear ambient energy in your space. Orgonite will help you achieve the sanctuary you deserve, and by integrating it slowly into your lifestyle you will soon see ad experience its transformational powers. Let's see some of the top ways how you can improve your life in all aspects, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

  • Improved sleep and dreams

  • Increases your energy levels while reducing stress

  • Helps to realign your chakra and balance moods and emotions

  • Clears the room and space of negativity vibrations and energy

  • Purifies the air of toxic intentions

  • Promotes better meditation and spiritual growth

What Chakra Is Orgonite Associated With?

When you use an orgonite pyramid you awaken your crown chakra. The crown chakra is your spiritual connection to a higher realm and promotes transformation within your life. It reignites your auric field so you feel inspired, by gaining access to angelic entities through your focus sessions you increase your intuition and are aware of your true self.

Orgonite in harmony with the crown chakra helps you embrace life with gratitude and serenity and when your chakra and center are aligned you reach a deeper connection with the divine. By implementing small changes with these stones around the home you attract positive energy into your life.

Healing Properties Of Orgonite

You may not realize you need healing as you go through the motions but sometimes taking a step back to reflect and reassess we see the universe telling us it is time to slow down and reevaluate. Next time you meditate hold an orgonite pyramid in your hands, and feel its smooth, soothing exterior as you focus your intentions and manifest your desires.

In doing so you will experience its cleansing energy wash over you and consume you with healing. An orgone pyramid is a great choice when you need to detox from your head to your toes.

Emotional Healing

The energy of the orgone pyramid helps to dispel the negativity holding you back in your endeavors, curbs stress and promotes an essence of joy and happiness as you speak your mind with your awakened crown chakra.

Physical Healing

For most of us, we spend hours in front of our computer screens or on our phones, and all these EMF waves are absorbed by our bodies and minds. Keep a piece of orgonite on your desk to help protect you from these electromagnetic waves, or wear it as a piece of jewelry in a necklace to have it on your person and experience its protection throughout the day.

Spiritual Healing

Considered the stone to promote spiritual growth, the orgonite pyramid is a must-have for your meditation sessions. As you focus your breathing, you will begin to feel its nurturing energy of relaxation wash over you for healing from within.

Orgonite Power

It is no secret that there is a constant flow of energy all around us everywhere, this universal energy is easily manipulated if you are now aware of it. Orgonite is a divine, universal energy that exists to protect and cleanse us from evil spirits and negativity.

Harnessing the power of this stone is easiest done through focus sessions, but simply touching it for a few moments while in the workspace or when you are feeling overwhelmed you will feel its energy and charge trickle through your physical body.

This is the stone you want when starting in the crystal world to be protected from radiation and keep your crown chakra activated for increased awareness and intuition. Not only is it a great decorative crystal for the home, but the cleansed air in the room is contagious, your family will be happier, and more positive, and spirits remain high.

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