How To Use A Crystal Pendulum

How To Use A Crystal Pendulum

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Seeking answers by using a pendulum crystal takes a certain amount of faith and belief and cannot be done on a whim and by just anybody, more so if their intentions are not pure and selfish. You want to practice crystal work and healing with a pure heart, your intent should be to find the answer not to try to influence it in some way.

Essentially, as you become more familiar with using it and delve deeper into your higher consciousness you begin to feel the energy change in the room and your intuition becomes heightened. This is when you know you have connected with the spiritual world and will gain guidance and wise decision-making from your guardian angels and spiritual guides. Powerful energy flows through you and you will have peace of mind knowing you are making the right decision concerning a situation or issue.

Connecting With Pendulums

Learning how to use a crystal pendulum, ideally, should begin with you cleansing the crystal from any negative energies it may have absorbed, and then charging it in direct sunlight on your window sill to soak in the rays of the sunlight to magnify its powers. Once the stone has been cleansed and fully charged you can take a quiet moment to yourself and sit with it in your hands.

Release your energy into the stone so that your connection with it is most effective and the results are manifestations of your wishes and desires. 

When you practice meditation using a crystal pendulum you want to keep an open mind, dismiss any skepticism or doubt, and make an effort to keep your spirit and mind open to possibilities, whatever the answers may be.

You want to feel the movement and energy of the pendulum crystal as you hold it, as you sync your vibrations, and become connected to the crystal.

What Is A Pendulum Used For?

For the most part, people use the swinging beauty that is a crystal pendulum to help predict the future when you ask it yes or no questions, but it has been used by healers and crystal enthusiasts around the world for self-healing and meditation to bring their chakra back into alignment and balance their center.

You can take time out during the day to sit with your pendulum crystal to refocus your intuitive energy when you need to make a tough decision, while it does not essentially give you the answer, it unlocks the answer you need by opening your mind and third eye to see with clarity and awaken your consciousness.

How To Use A Crystal Pendulum

Learning a new skill as with anything you need to start at the beginning, and understanding how to use a crystal pendulum will help you achieve the best results. There is no set right or wrong way, but a foundational few steps will get you on the right path, and as you become comfortable you will connect with your higher powers who will guide you as you progress. Let's see, as a beginner, how to best use your pendulum to find the answers you search for.


You want to begin with a cleansed pendulum and more so if it is made from crystal. Soak it in sea salt if the stone is not materially fragile, place it under the full moon to charge overnight, or burn sage and swing it through the smoke to be fully cleansed from any negativity.


Gaining insight into an answer is easier when confirmed with multiple options, so be sure to have a few similar questions to hand on the same topic to ensure the answers coincide with each other. As you ask your questions, be open to guidance, but also be aware that the crystal pendulum may not be open to answering at that time and may remain still or give a separate directional swing. You can try again tomorrow.


It makes sense to know how your answers will be given so learning how to use a crystal pendulum and its movements is key. You want to begin asking it to show you how yes or no will look, and a neutral stance on the subject. Remember these movements and their meanings when asking questions.


Start with simple questions you know the answers to as you get a feel for the movement of the pendulum crystal, keep your mind and soul open to feel its energy envelop your aura and offer the insight you seek. Your intuition will be focused, listen to the guiding spirit to find the truth.

Kinds Of Questions To Ask

There are millions of questions we could ask and we most likely think of thousands throughout the day, but when you get home and are in the zone ready to work with your pendulum your mind can go blank, we have all been there. Write down questions that have been on your mind for some time, or have been completely indecisive about, this way you can go through them before clearing your mind to connect with your pendulum crystal.

A few options to get you started and on which you can build as you become more comfortable can be related:

  1. Diet and Weight loss

  2. Career path and choices

  3. Love and relationships

  4. Spiritual peace

  5. Family and friends

What You Need

You don't need to get the most expensive or most beautiful crystal when it comes to dowsing but rather when shopping for a crystal pendulum to go with the one that speaks to you and suits you. You will be drawn to its energy and make a connection when you see it and certainly when you hold it.

Steps To Use Your Pendulum

Ideally, you want to hold the cord of the pendulum crystal in your dominant hand and between your thumb and forefinger. Still the swinging using your other hand and then take it away, try to stay calm, relaxed and focused as it may begin to swing when you take your hand away. Remain quiet, and watch the crystal till it stops on its own, you can then begin to ask your questions.

Step 1: Cleansing

To experience the most of its power you want to detoxify your stone from negative energies picked up and charge it with a renewed energy connected to your energy field. You can use a gentle energy cleaning kit found in many stores, but there are a lot of options. Smudging has been practiced for centuries across the world and cultures and is the practice of passing the stone through the smoke of the smudge stick. Another option is to submerge it in a bowl of rice which absorbs the negativity or on a window sill in direct sunlight or a full moon.

Step 2: Ask Questions

It can be overwhelming knowing which questions to ask when you first start but no matter how simple or complex you should ask what is on your heart or mind. Everything from health to love or financial prosperity the crystal pendulum will guide you on the path the universe has laid out for you. Have any questions on hand to gain clarification and surety on a topic and be open-minded to alternatives.

Step 3: Learn How The Pendulum Moves

You want to make a close connection, a bond with your stone so understanding how it moves when answering will help you find the advice or guidance you are searching for. You can ask simple questions you know the answers to and see how it responds or program the pendulum with specific instructions on how each answer should be represented, similar to that of head nodding and shaking.

Step 4: Ask Questions You Know First

This is especially true for beginners whose aura will shine bright with excitement but can soon become overwhelmed by the experience. Short and simple is best for your first few tries, ask questions you know the answers to, and throw in a new one to be sure the answers are true to you and your situation.

Step 5: Be Open Minded

As with any new adventure good things take time, and the same goes for knowing how to use a crystal pendulum, be patient. As you feel and are enveloped by its vibrations and energies your connection with the crystal becomes stronger, the bond unbreakable, and you will discover its powerful effect.

The more you practice with it, and focus your mind, the more dramatic the swing may become giving you a detailed answer to your questions.

A Guiding Swing

We search for answers in life using all means and methods, but none is stronger than seeking guidance from above, drawing on the protective and guiding powers of the divine realm. Using your pendulum crystal to gain clarity and guidance in tough situations will bring a balance to your center for peace and overall improved well-being.

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