How To Arrange Crystals In Your Home For Tranquil Energy

How To Arrange Crystals In Your Home For Tranquil Energy

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

The beauty of crystals and precious gemstones have for centuries been key pieces of décor in homes across the world, but they have so much more to offer. Crystals have energies and vibrations that can transform a space from a negative to a positive, and having them strategically placed around the house will help to create a calming, ambient home.

Many people have crystals as ornamental elements for their aesthetic, design contours, or even to add a pop of color to an area, but with a few minor placement changes, you can draw on their energy and harness their healing powers. All the while maintaining their bespoke creative appeal as you embrace the new metaphysical trend.

Let's take a look at the how and where within the home you can begin to place your crystals to ignite your auric field from the moment you walk in the front door, and to be enveloped by their vibrations as you go about your routine. When form meets function you have the best of the metaphysical world.

How To Arrange Crystals: The Great Outdoors

Use Your Intuition When Selecting The Crystal

There are subtle energies that a crystal will use to communicate so you must pay attention. It may draw your eye or when you hold it you can feel its energy. This is different for everyone so trust your gut feelings when choosing a crystal to place outside.

Try A Wooden Wind Chime In Your Garden Made With Crystals

You can hang a wind chime pretty much anywhere outside your home. Most important is that the chime is placed north or west to maximize feng shui or a northwest position is fine too. Using a big chunk of rose quartz or amethyst in your garden is also a great healing vibe for your plant life.

If you have a garden, placing Moss Agate with its natural green color amongst the bushes and plants will not only blend seamlessly but it promotes grounding energy around the garden while energizing foliage roots for stimulated growth. They also make great accent pieces so your garden still looks bespoke.

How To Arrange Crystals In The Entryway

An entry space in the home is as important, if not one of the top 3 most used spaces, as the rest of the areas. You arrive there, you leave there, and this moment of lingering helps set the tone moving forward. And when the area is decorated simplistically, yet functionally, you already feel better.

If you are coming home after a long day there is nothing more you want than to unwind, relax, and be surrounded by a calming energy, this is easily initiated with a few well-placed crystals as you come to the front door. You may have a small bench or side table where you can place your handbag while you search for your keys, by adding in a pot plant or humble décor tray you invite the calming energy into your soul.

Cleanse Your Homes Aura

Black Tourmaline: Negative Vibes Not Welcome Here!

Placing a crystal such as Black Tourmaline with a potted plant will help you take your mind off the day, and the crystals help to absorb the negativity you have attracted while out in the world so you always enter the home with good vibes. If you can place two pieces of this stone on either side of the doorframe you immediately create a protective barrier against external evil spirits.

Amethyst: Create A House Of Zen

Drop all the bad energy, chaos, and drama behind you as you enter your home. Placing a piece of amethyst at the entrance of your home offers a sense of calm, clarity, and a reminder that you have control over your life. This purple crystal connects the heavens and earth, calms overthinking, and helps you trust your intuition.

Clear Quartz: Chakra Cleanse

This black stone along with Clear Quartz is the perfect combination of protection needed before entering the home. Together they dispel all negativity, release blockages in your crown and root chakra, and offer a healing vibration for any issues you may be experiencing whether physical, spiritual, or mental. Clear Quartz is also great in plants to promote growth.

Labradorite: Magical Force Field

Add some multi-colored labradorites into your entryway and create a force field around your aura. Labradorite protects and strengthens your energy and prevents others from tapping into your power. This blue crystal is pure magic and synchronizes opportunities that arise when we are in harmony.

Placing Crystals In Your Entryway Creates An Energetic Field Preventing The Chaos Of The World From Entering Your Home

Before putting your crystals in the foyer of your home be sure to do a detoxification of the space, both from material objects and stagnant energy. Clear all unnecessary items and put them in their correct places, we know how quickly things tend to pile up, and then take a moment to burn a sage smudge stick (at least once a month) to clear the air and create a cleansed area to walk into.

Once your entrance has been simplified, using the following crystals will bring balance to the space and invite a soothing essence as you enter your home.

You Must Be Intentional About Where YOu Place YOur Crystals

  • Selenite – A powerful stone that promotes peace and calm, by drawing on its nurturing vibrations you bring renewed mental clarity into your life and overall well-being. Place it in the corners of the room for maximum exposure.

  • Amethyst – The perfect crystal to absorb the negative energy you bring into the home from the outside. It creates an air of tranquility in the space so you can unwind.

  • Smoky Quartz – This gem is needed in high-traffic areas. It helps to keep the space grounded with the constant flow of energies in and out, and helps to disperse them away from our aura to keep us feeling light.

Thinking about where you put your crystals and finding the optimal spot for them to be both elegant in décor yet close enough to harness their metaphysical properties will take some time and practice. As you arrange the rooms from time to time you will get a sense (most likely from your guardian angels communicating with you from a higher realm) of where you feel its pull the strongest.

As you build your crystal collection with stones that speak to you, that you feel connected to, or have implemented to aid healing you can begin to place the stones in a crystal grid formation. This powerful combination of stones, each amplifying the next, will bring about the transformational change you never knew you needed in your life.

How To Arrange Your Crystals In The Bedroom

The bedroom is probably the most sought-after space when we need some quiet time to ourselves, which means you need it as peaceful and serene as possible.

What Does Every Bedroom Need? A Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Of Course!

Often people consider a Himalayan salt lamp, while effective in cleansing the air in the room and releasing negative ions necessary for breath work, as sufficient for effective sleep and deep rest. However, natural crystals can heighten your subconscious so you can communicate with a higher entity as you drift off into a deep slumber.

Place A Piece Of Rose Quartz In Every Corner Of Your Bedroom For The Ultimate Sacuarary Of Love

The stone of compassion is just what you need for a loving environment and Rose Quartz has got you covered. Its delicate hue compliments an ambient environment and sends you off with vibrations of love so you can dream and manifest your desires. You can also place it under your pillow, next to your bed, and by the door.

Try Amethyst To Calm Anxiety And A Busy Mind

Purple crystals may seem like a dark décor color, but this moodiness is the epitome of calm. It steadies your mind and dissolves feelings of anxiety for a restful sleep. Place it in front of the bed where you can see it as you close your eyes and wake up.

Calming Howlite To Aid Insomnia

When days are busy and stressful it can be tough trying to get to sleep. Howlite has a steady vibrational field that prevents insomnia so you don't have to toss and turn all night.

How To Arrange Crystals In The Kitchen

You would not be the first person to be surprised to hear that placing crystals in the kitchen can do your home the world of good. Most homes have a high-energy space in the kitchen area, it always has the family coming and going, good food aromas wafting through the home as they bubble away on the stove, and you want good vibes to be part of the ingredients used.

When food tastes good you feel great within, satiated, and this fuels for the days ahead. Crystals in the space will help to keep the vibrations flowing freely, repel negative spirits trying to get in and bring about natural healing through the food and by being in the space. See which stones will transform your kitchen and essentially, your flavor.

Clear Quartz While You Cook

Use what is considered the universal stone, Clear Quartz, for all things light and airy. The elegant transparency of this crystal is perfect to place on the window sill while you're preparing dinner. The natural light reflects off its unique shape and in turn bounces this brightness into the space creating a cleansed, lightweight ambiance, making cooking a pleasure.

No Window To Place Clear Quartz? Place Bear Your Water Source Or Any Potted Plants

Clear quartz is a master healer and amplifier of all crystals it becomes in contact with. Having a piece of quartz close in the kitchen brings healing energies to the person that is cooking which provides truly a meal made with love.

Lapis Lazuli To Bond

One of the most beautiful crystals with its deep, bold, yet humble blue coloring is Lapis Lazuli. The essence of the stone immediately draws you in and which is why it makes it a great stone in the kitchen while you are making meals. It has an energy of bonding so getting the family involved in dinner prep is a great time to bond and make memories.

Bloodstone For Creative Inspirations

When you are trying new dishes or experimenting with ingredients keep Bloodstone nearby. It evokes an energy of creativity, motivation, and courage to try something new, and the kitchen is the perfect place to explore new menus. The dark green and red speckled stone is also beautifully ornate bringing a touch of sophistication to the space.

Sliced Agate For Decor

For an extra statement of energy in your kitchen try a piece of slice agate displayed in a window or near a light source. The dramatic patterns within the natural stone will help create peace and positivity in your cooking space. We often calm our minds when we are cooking and this crystal will help us focus on self-care and reflection as you interact in your kitchen.

Place Crystals In The Kitchen With Intention

Use Citrine to encourage manifestation of your dreams and open the door to clarity as you bake. Add a dash of Carnelian by your cookbooks to promote creativity on your recipe inspirations. Black Tourmaline is a must in every space to keep the good vibes flowing and protect from negative energy. This black crystal is also useful in protecting from EMF rays from microwave ovens too.

How To Arrange Crystals In The Living Room For Tranquil Living

We all spend some time during the day in the living room, and the family gathering room, and keeping the area peaceful with only positivity flowing is a good way to help clear the mind after a long day. As the family sits and relaxes and winds down with the evening everyone has a chance to shed the weight of everyday life stresses and simply be present in the moment.

A Fast And Simple Way To Add Crystals Into Your Living Room Is To Set A Bowl Of Crystals On A Side Or Main Table.

Try a mix of rose quartz, howlite and clear quartz. Rose Quartz adds love and opens the heart, Howlite provides calmess and peace, and the clear quartz amplifies these energies and cleanses the space.

Add Amethyst

Crystals in the space where we are most of the time are a must, and stones like Amethyst with their unique forms with no two crystals alike, are just what you need to encourage a soothing energy to envelop everyone. Place a piece in the corners of the room to fully immerse anyone who comes into the room.

You can also add clusters of crystals as ornaments, creating small crystal grids and enhancing their healing powers while increasing the serenity in the space.

The easiest way to add crystals into your home, office or business space is by creating a crystal grid within the room. Start by placing a crystal in each corner, we recommend using protection crystals in these areas and then placing your desire and focus stones in the center of the room to create the energy you want to attract. For more information on crystal grids you can check out our blog post here.

Arranging Crystals To Relax And Unwind

Amazonite For Emotional Well Being

The shading of this ocean-colored Amazonite stone is a statement piece and perfect to use as ornamental in the living space. Taking a moment to touch the stone or simply sit next to it you feel its metaphysical healing properties wash over you, balancing your chakra, and creating emotional well-being throughout your body.

Sodalite For Communication

Crystals are connected to the chakra system in our bodies and Sodalite, associated with the throat chakra for effective communication, makes it the perfect stone to keep around in a room where there are a lot of people and energies. It gives you the courage to speak your mind and helps dissolve disagreements or misunderstandings through peace and effective language.

Apophyllite For Uplifting Energy

Socializing is always great and brings with it an atmosphere of high energy, but to ensure your space and home are protected from the wrong energy while maintaining high vibrancy for the space, place Apophyllite in the center of the living room on the coffee table. It releases positivity and uplifting vibes so everyone has a good time.

Red Jasper For Balance

We add Red Jasper in for those who have teenagers or partners who enjoy being couch potatoes for longer than you'd like. It brings balance to emotions and diffuses overly energetic outbursts, so next time you tell the kids to get off the satellite TV you can enjoy a fuss-free ‘ok.'

How To Arrange Crystals In A Home Is Unique For Everyone

With specific and strategically placed crystals around the home that have been cleansed, charged, and programmed with intent you can have peace of mind that life will be better moving forward.

And if you enjoy seeing these pops of color around the house but are looking for something with a general aesthetic and purpose try placing a few pieces of Citrine dotted all over to be enveloped in its vibrant, bright energy.

Citrine is a cheerful stone in appearance and in its metaphysical properties giving off happy, joyful energy so you always feel good. It attracts elements of abundance into the space whether they are material items, financial blessings, or feel-good vibes, everyone can enjoy having Citrine around.

Next time you decide to redecorate the home or freshen up the spaces for the New Year think about adding in crystals, and consider where to place them to fully enjoy the benefits of their positive energies and healing powers.

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