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Red Jasper | Spiritual Stone & Properties Uncovered

If you have been feeling out of sorts lately and want to realign your aura then the red jasper gemstone can help ground and protect you, all the while increasing your passion for life both sexually and in everyday activities. 

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What is Red Jasper?

An opaque quartz version with a vitreous luster, the jasper stone known essentially as the stone of endurance, is the perfect gemstone to bring close to you when you require comfort.

The common red color we associate with the stone is caused by iron inclusions and although an impure gemstone, its fiery color is anything but subtle. The gemstone has a hardness on the Mohs scale of 6.5-7 and the hexagonal crystal system makes it unique as it is essentially an aggregate meaning many fragments have massed together to form the structure.

Is Red Jasper rare?

Once upon a time, this gemstone was highly sought-after and tough to come by which meant it was rare, but it has since been discovered in many beautiful places and is now readily found, affordable, and very popular.

Japer Properties: The Healing Crystal
A description as to how jasper properties help with emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of ones life.

Emotional Healing Properties

You may be experiencing a tough emotional time during your life so by allowing red jasper onto your path of repair, you can fully benefit from its diving healing and embrace its deep-rooted connection to Mother Earth so you can stand strong as you persevere through the pain or anguish.

Revitalize your life and live it to the fullest, there are forces far greater than us, and tapping into them will give us improved well-being. 

Physical Healing Properties

As mentioned the red jasper color is no accident, promoting courage in all aspects of your life is one of the perks of adding the jasper stone to your collection. A protective characteristic, part of the dynamic of the energy of the stones keeps your blood circulation strong which could increase your sexual interests, enhance the almighty power of tantra, and release that somewhat aggressive passion you have within. 

Spiritual Healing Properties

Life can certainly get busy and the red jasper with its grounding vibrations is the perfect way to keep your feet on the earth when you find yourself becoming overwhelmed. As you meditate and delve into your internal spirit, focusing on the cleansing needed your subconscious may bring up past situations that you have been suppressing and need to release, along with their negative energy.

Jasper is a great crystal for anyone  who wishes to access spiritual messages from guides, angels and other powers.

Going through a spiritual practice may feel like a rebirth, but the natural stamina the stone emanates will give you the strength to endure. 

How to Use Red Jasper

Energy practices and healing using gemstones and crystals have been around for centuries, and the jasper stone is no stranger to success stories. There are many methods or ways in which to fully experience the transformative jasper properties which when searching for a balance in your emotions, will help you to re-center yourself and bring back your inner peace.

Some simple yet effective ways are:


When we feel self-aware and timid know your solar plexus chakra is blocked. Unblocking it will help you to regain that self-confidence you once had.

Home Decor

Decorating the home with a few select and statement pieces means the energy can transcend through your house, balancing moods and frustrations, and offering a sense of relaxation and calmness. Whether it be an ornament, a paperweight, or simply a bespoke side table, opting for red jasper is easy to do as the color is complementary to most home aesthetics. 


As you meditate with the gemstone and clear your mind you activate a deeper connection to your third eye, awakening and receiving the energy of the stone, and feeling it flow through your body, detoxifying the blood and removing blockages that are leaving you lethargic. 

Zodiac Birthstone

Red Jasper Zodiac Aries Symbol
Reasons why red japer zodiac helps people with an aries sign.

It has been said that Mars, the red planet is the ruler of the zodiac sign Aries, which is also the chief zodiac sign red jasper can influence. It instills a grounding and constant connection with mother earth, and its courageous energy power cast on its user gives them the courage and strength to tackle tough tasks and situations. Aries has long been a symbol of the pioneer warrior, unafraid to take on a challenge. 

Red Jasper in your Home & Office

When you are at the office situations can get heated and stress levels can rise quickly, this can cause your energy to be wasted on insignificant matters and essentially cause instability in your emotions. An elegant piece of jasper stone in the workspace whether it be a paperweight, ornament, or pen, will help ground your mood, help you refocus on the important tasks, and realign your attention.

Jasper Stone In On A Wooden Desk.
The healing properties of the jasper stone.

At home, the nurturing and healing jasper properties can bring tranquility to your space, and when you create a relaxing Feng Shui with the stones in your bedroom it not only brings your spiritual connection to your partner closer but your sexual desires. 

How Do You Cleanse and Charge Red Jasper?

Cleaning and purifying your gemstone is essential for its power and energy to be effective in your life and within your body, below are some of the ways you can do this efficiently: 


This pure form helps draw out negative energy as well as physically clean the stone. This can be done quickly for a light renewal by running under water for a few minutes or immersing it in a bowl of water for a couple of hours for a deeper energy cleansing.

Full Moon

The light from the moon is a strong potion that will evaporate any negative energy attached to your stone.


As the sage draws out the negativity on the stone it also fills it with positivity, purity, and harmony, all the while lightening your aura and bearing the weight of any stress you may have.


Associated with the root chakra it is only fitting that it has a strong connection to mother earth and burying it overnight is a great way for the ground to absorb the negative vibrations and dissipate them leaving you with a restored stone.

Red Jasper Jewelry

A beautifully and delicately crafted piece of red jasper jewelry is the perfect gift for your loved one, embedded in a bracelet to complete an elegant look or simple and chic as a pair of earrings, this stone of strength will release its powers and charm to flow through your other half.

If you wanted a cloak of protection this stone will be in your corner no matter what or where giving you the courage to push on and the determination to see anything through. 

What Chakra is Red Jasper Good for?

The root chakra, unmistakably red for a reason and situated at the base of the spine is why it is known for its grounding and stabilizing energy in both your physical and emotional worlds. This omnipotent gemstone has been a force to be reckoned with by anyone that tries to come against its owner, and when aligned this ancient energy system is what will protect you and renew your self-confidence and well-being. 

Red Jasper is For You

This red stone is an organic and natural way to reignite your passion for your loved one, and if red jasper has been a recent addition to your collection, you will soon discover the jasper properties of healing and calming within your life.

A chic and transformative gemstone that lights up your aura and reawakens your soul’s fire for life and in love, and that makes life worth living for. 

As Always,

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