Moonstone Properties

  • Feminine Energy
  • Intuition
  • Renewal
  • Emotional Balance
  • Helps Navigate Challenges
  • Opens The Heart
  • Soothing
  • Emotional Balance
  • Positive Outlook


Moonstone Connection To The Chakras
Sacral Chakra

Moonstone's connection to the sacral chakra is rooted in its ability to enhance emotional balance and creativity. This chakra, located in the lower abdomen, is the center of our feelings, desires, and creativity. Moonstone encourages the free flow of emotions and the expression of one's true self. It supports emotional healing, helping to soothe and stabilize the emotions, and enhances fertility and the creative process, making it a powerful stone for nurturing one's artistic and creative energies.

Third Eye Chakra

Moonstone is also closely connected to the third eye chakra due to its enhancement of intuition and psychic abilities. This chakra, located in the forehead, is the center of intuition and foresight. Moonstone's reflective and intuitive qualities help to open and activate the third eye chakra, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and one's path in life. It aids in developing clairvoyance and accessing higher states of consciousness, encouraging spiritual insight and the exploration of dreams and visions.

Third Eye Chakra


Moonstone And The Zodiac

Moonstone is deeply connected to Cancer due to both being closely linked to the Moon, which is Cancer's ruling planet. This stone enhances Cancer's natural intuition and emotional depth, providing comfort and support during emotional fluctuations. It fosters a sense of security and peace, mirroring Cancer's need for harmony and emotional stability. Moonstone supports Cancer's nurturing nature, helping to soothe and calm their emotional waters.


Moonstone resonates with Libra by promoting balance and harmony, especially in relationships. This stone aids Libra in achieving emotional equilibrium and understanding, which is crucial for Libra's pursuit of fairness and justice. Moonstone's gentle energy can help Libras find inner peace and clarity amidst their quest for external balance and beauty.


Moonstone supports deep emotional healing and the exploration of the subconscious. It complements Scorpio's transformative nature, aiding in the release of old emotional patterns and fostering personal growth. Moonstone's connection to intuition and the mystical helps Scorpio delve into the mysteries of life and personal transformation with trust and insight.

Crystals That Work Well With Moonstone

Adding to the synergistic energy of Moonstone, here are some crystal suggestions that enhance its intuitive and nurturing properties:

Clear Quartz: Known as the "Master Healer," Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of other stones and intentions, making it an excellent partner for Moonstone. This combination can heighten Moonstone's intuitive and reflective qualities, enhancing clarity of thought and emotional insight. Clear Quartz also helps in manifesting intentions set with Moonstone, making dreams and goals more attainable.

Citrine: This sunny stone brings a vibrant energy of joy, abundance, and empowerment. When paired with Moonstone, Citrine helps to balance emotional states with positivity and encourages the manifestation of prosperity and success. This duo is particularly beneficial for those seeking to blend intuition with action towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

Selenite: With its pure, high-frequency energy, Selenite acts as a spiritual cleanser and connector, making it a harmonious match for Moonstone. This pairing enhances the flow of energy through the chakras and strengthens the connection to the higher self and the divine. Selenite's ability to clear energy blockages complements Moonstone's soothing qualities, promoting peace, well-being, and spiritual insight.

Together with Moonstone, these crystals offer a broad spectrum of energies for healing, clarity, and spiritual growth, supporting a journey of emotional balance, intuitive development, and manifestation.

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Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone, revered for its connection to the moon and feminine energy, symbolizes intuition, emotional balance, and renewal. It enhances psychic abilities and is linked to fertility, offering protection and love.

This gem promotes new beginnings, providing hope and helping to navigate life's changes with resilience. In spiritual practices, it opens the heart and third eye chakras, encouraging inner growth and harmony.

Renowned for signifying new beginnings, moonstone aids in navigating life's transitions with grace. It soothes emotional instability and stress, providing calm and encouraging a positive outlook during challenging times.

By promoting inner reflection, moonstone helps individuals understand their inner workings and embrace change.

Moonstone Affirmations


Common Questions For Moonstone

Discover More On The Meaning Of Moonstone

Moonstone, including Blue Moonstone, is prized for its connection to the divine feminine, intuition, and emotional balance. It's believed to enhance psychic abilities and bring about harmony and growth in one's spiritual journey.

Yes, Moonstone crystals are generally safe in water, but prolonged soaking isn't recommended. Like most crystals, exposure to water should be minimal to avoid affecting its structure and finish.

Moonstone's rarity varies depending on its type and quality. While common moonstone is relatively abundant, high-quality specimens with strong adularescence, especially blue moonstone, are considered more rare and valuable.


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