Sodalite Properties

  • Inner Growth
  • Hidden Knowledge
  • Enhances Mental Powers
  • Calms Emotions
  • Enhances Insight
  • Builds Confidence
  • Discover True Self
  • Access To The Subconscious
  • Deepened Intuition


Sodalite Connection To The Chakras
Throat Chakra

Sodalite's strong connection to the throat chakra is due to its ability to enhance communication and self-expression. This chakra is the center of our ability to speak our truth, communicate effectively, and express ourselves clearly. Sodalite supports the throat chakra by encouraging honesty and clarity in verbal and non-verbal communication. It helps overcome fears and blockages related to speaking out and facilitates more authentic and open interactions.

Third Eye Chakra

Sodalite also resonates with the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition, mental clarity, and intellectual understanding. This chakra governs our intuition, insight, and inner knowledge. By stimulating the third eye, Sodalite promotes a deepening of intuitive abilities and supports a heightened sense of awareness. It aids in understanding complex concepts and encourages the pursuit of truth and idealism, aligning thought with spiritual principles.

Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra


Sodalite And The Zodiac

A sign known for its love of freedom, exploration, and truth-seeking, Sodalite supports their quest for knowledge and understanding. It enhances Sagittarius's natural philosophical and intellectual pursuits by promoting clarity of thought and insight. Sodalite also aids Sagittarians in communicating their ideas and beliefs more effectively, aligning with their inherent desire to explore and share wisdom.


Virgos, with their analytical, meticulous nature, find a harmonious ally in Sodalite. This stone enhances Virgo's innate desire for order and efficiency by supporting logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Sodalite also encourages Virgos to express their thoughts and feelings more clearly, aiding in overcoming overcritical tendencies and fostering more compassionate self-expression.


Crystals That Work Well With Sodalite

Sodalite, with its rich, deep blue hues interspersed with white calcite, is a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. It is highly valued for its ability to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance, and intuitive perception, making it a favored crystal for those seeking to deepen their understanding and insight.

Sodalite encourages a harmonious blend of intuition and logic, promoting clear communication and fostering a sense of inner peace. When paired with complementary crystals, Sodalite's properties can be amplified, creating a synergistic effect that supports intellectual growth, spiritual awakening, and emotional healing.

These crystals work exceptionally well with Sodalite, each contributing unique energies that harmonize with its qualities.

Lapis Lazuli: Sharing a deep blue color palette with Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli enhances wisdom, truth, and self-awareness. This combination strengthens the mind's ability to comprehend complex concepts and encourages honesty in communication. Together, they create a powerful duo for intellectual exploration and spiritual enlightenment.

Iolite: Known as the "Viking's Compass," Iolite supports the journey toward discovering one's true path and inner knowledge. It resonates with Sodalite's energy of logic and intuition, aiding in the navigation of emotional waters with clarity and confidence. This pairing is ideal for those seeking to align their lives with their inner vision.

Moldavite: A stone of transformation and rapid spiritual evolution, Moldavite's high vibrational energy complements Sodalite's grounding in logic and reason. This combination facilitates profound change and spiritual growth, helping to integrate and ground higher dimensional energies into the physical realm.

Blue Quartz: With its soothing and calming energy, Blue Quartz amplifies Sodalite's ability to foster mental clarity and reduce stress. It enhances communication and expression, making it easier to articulate complex ideas and emotions. Together, they support a peaceful mind and harmonious interactions with others.

Combining these stones creates a comprehensive toolkit for those seeking to enhance their intellectual capabilities, spiritual awareness, and emotional equilibrium. This blend of energies offers support for clear communication, insightful reflection, and profound transformation, guiding individuals toward a balanced and enlightened path.

Whether you're pursuing academic goals, spiritual growth, or emotional healing, these crystal combinations provide a supportive and harmonious backdrop for your journey.

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Sodalite Meaning

Stay present with sodalite healing powers. Sodalite helps keep focused on the moment, without being distracted by past and future thoughts or worries. Sodalite is a great crystal for increasing intuition and opening spiritual perception to allow information to flow to you from the higher realms.

Sodalite is a fantastic stone to enhance mental powers, stir creative juices and look at events from a different perspective. If you are a writer, business person, teacher, student, psychologist or intuitive healer try adding a sodalite crystal to help support your work.

Sodalite is a guide for deep journeys into meditation. This blue crystal provides insight into yourself and makes you aware of your strengths, gifts, weaknesses, true desires, and patterns. This crystal helps let go of second-guessing and self-judgment by building your confidence through understanding who you really are.

Sodalite is a great crystal for lucid dreaming. It can help you remember scenes, signs and symbols in your dreams and visions and remind you when they start appearing in your life. This guidance from sodalite can help you stay focused on the moment and not be distracted by past and future thoughts and worries. Sodalite helps you down life paths and guides you when there is a fork in the road.

In addition to its strong metaphysical properties, sodalite is a great stone to support blood pressure, balance metabolism, boosts the immune system and eases water retention.

Sodalite Affirmations


Common Questions For Sodalite

Discover More On The Meaning Of Sodalite

Sodalite gemstones open the logical mind to your intuition and spiritual guidance to help you see problems from a different perspective. Sodalite is a soothing, calm crystal used for meditation to help receive insight.

Sodalite can be activated by placing it under a full moon or keeping the crystal near clear quartz for 12 hours. Sodalite can be discharged using running water.

Sodalite is a calm friend that helps you navigate life’s path. It brings emotional balance, helps you understand your true purpose, and enhances self-esteem and intuition.


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