How to Meditate with Crystals: Steps And Best Gemstones

How to Meditate with Crystals: Steps And Best Gemstones

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Crystals and crystal meditation practice offer healing powers for your body. Awakening your chakra and drawing on the healing energy, crystals have divine qualities that restore our focus and dispel negative energies. There is much to learn about how to meditate with crystals.


The mineral world and the human race have had a special and unique relationship for centuries. Using stone or specific crystals, the practice of crystal healing opens our communication bridge to a divine and essentially angelic realm. Our higher consciousness brings increased intuition to deal with everyday stress holding us back, and drawing on their energy will reignite your inner flame.

Too often people will only act on scientific evidence but Mother Nature has proven herself time and time again. Crystals are nature's way of giving back, helping us to reconnect our focus with the earth beneath, and when used in meditation you realign your chakra for overall well-being.


What is crystal meditation?

Meditation, simplistically put, and for better understanding when it comes to healing and stone therapy practice, is the complete connection between the mind and the body. A state where you can reach your highest self and be enveloped by the healing energy of our planet's natural energy centers.

During meditation, you awaken your third eye chakra and block out the external world for recovery from mental health or even to align your chakras. The energy and healing you experience during meditation are transformative, your spiritual mind comes to life.

Adding crystals to your meditation practice whether on your body or in a crystal grid for mental clarity, their powerful energies will rejuvenate your soul.

Crystal meditation is about harnessing the energy from within and the strength in this placebo effect is associated with awareness and the healing you experience when you connect with your divine consciousness.

To some, it may seem like a humble crystal, but modern belief and meditative practice has shown more people reaching for organic elements to aid healing that these stones are the future.


How to Meditate With Crystals?

A few ways to focus your mind and body when practicing meditation with crystals for increased well-being or sitting in a quiet meditative state. Here are some ways to get started.

  • Holding crystals in your hands

The art of crystals touching and absorbing energy from others is not unusual, but if you have cleansed and charged your stone you will be fine. Sit with them, focus, and connect with your spiritual guides.

  • Chakra

Place crystals on your chakra points for complete crystal healing and aligning the energy centers, it helps keep the energy flowing and prevents blockages in your aura.

  • Crystal grid

Meditation with a crystal energy field is very powerful. The healing powers connect and are amplified as they envelop your body and dissolve any stagnant energy.

Build and surround yourself with your crystals and feel your chakras align with their high vibrations running through you.


Choosing the Best Crystals For Your Meditation Practice

It is important when choosing different crystals for meditation that you understand why you are turning to meditation for answers.

Crystals have for centuries been a key player in healing and connecting with the spiritual world, but whether you want clear stone, a rose quartz crystal, or any of the different crystals trust your intuition when choosing.

You will find what you need and by opening your third eye chakra, but it may not always be what you want. Be open to loving kindness meditation to receive the crystals the divine realm wants you to have.

If you aren't sure of a definite reason but know you need to center your energy points then choosing crystals based on color is fine too.


Get to know your crystals

The universe has shown and given us crystals to embrace their metaphysical properties, and as you delve deeper into their meanings and powers you will enjoy a more meaningful meditation practice.

Do your research, base your choices on your favorite colors if you like, by your intentions, and the powers they harness.


How to pick crystals?

You could instill the help of a crystal healer to do some crystal work with you to find out where your energy lies and the healing you need. Then they can advise you on a handful to get you going.

Walk around a gem shop and clear your mind. Let the crystals draw you to them, feel the vibrations and essentially let the crystals choose you.


What science says about crystals

Crystals have a big role in our every day from forming shells to skeletons, but scientists are still doing extensive research to see how these semiconductor materials transform into the complex, beautiful shapes they do. The scientific evidence is still inconclusive and ongoing.


Different Crystal Meditation Practices

Wherever you choose to practice your meditation the intent and stone of choice will play a determining factor in its manifestation. A few options to consider;

  • With a healer for expert guidance and teaching

  • Using a gemstone grid for overall healing and chakra balance

  • Place the orbs around the home to be enveloped in their energy

  • Lay with them on your body to rid your mind of negative thoughts before a big event


What crystal or crystals should I meditate with?

There is a crystal for everyone and crystals to treat any ailment you may be feeling. When you want to know how to meditate with crystals you would be better off knowing the healing powers they can invoke for increased mindfulness meditation.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular crystals for loving-kindness meditation or even interpersonal healing, your stone will speak to you and your crown chakra will connect with your spiritual intention and hear your needs.


Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of unconditional love this pink gem is a must-have crystal in your collection. For building loving relationships, it is the perfect stone to treat yourself or gift a friend.

Holding the crystal in your hand throughout the day is essential in itself a placebo effect journey, the intensity of its high vibrations and energy flowing through your body will help to reduce stress and increase compassion.

The rose quartz crystal is unlike other crystals.

Place the crystal on your body near the heart chakra, you will feel your heart open towards others, your intuition sees the light in others, and is a great choice for meditating.


Clear Quartz

Crystal healing using this clear crystal is an optimal stone for mental clarity.

If you are new to the world of crystals ask your certified crystal healer to incorporate crystals such as clear quartz into your meditation session to create a more focused meditative state for the manifestation of your desires.

To enjoy the most from your clear stone, take a deep breath, focus, and connect with your higher self. The awareness you seek in life is amplified through your psychic abilities and this gem has a strengthening energy that when used in crystal work amplifies other stones so you can experience their powers too.


Smoky Quartz

When you are feeling depressed or are weighed down with stagnant energy there are particular crystals you can reach for to draw on their energy levels. The healing properties of these smoky crystals help to release negative energy and wash over you with an essence of calm.

It is one of the most powerful stones for balancing the chakras and is a top choice for meditating and improving your mental health.

This gem will encourage the purification of the mind, body, and soul as you place crystals on and around you during meditation. Take a deep breath while holding the crystal, embrace its healing properties, and rid your body of negative energies.


Black Tourmaline

Dark tourmaline is used in meditating practice when you want protection from challenging situations and energies.

Chakra meditation is about unlocking all the chakras for optimal balance in your life, and when you place crystals like black tourmaline in your space you feel its protective shield.

Unlike other crystals, tourmaline is powerfully grounding, it repels the negative energy in your environment, and helps you focus when meditating for a clear mind in a secure space.


Methods on how to meditate with crystals

Everyone can practice crystal meditation and crystal healing in different ways from incorporating essential oils or a singing bowl, but a basic foundation will help you to get started.

Let's see a simple method that is good for beginners.

Set your intention of what you want to manifest.

Pick a song and place the stone in your right hand.

Try laying down and putting a stone on your body in the places you feel need healing.

Get comfortable and take it slow.

Embrace the process and think about the points coming up during your meditation.


Calm Thoughts

There will always be skeptics in any industry but meditation has been around for centuries as have crystals with healers, tribesmen, and cultures across the world completely believing in them and their powers and have been fruitful with their endeavors.

The energy crystals evoke has changed the way modern belief has approached the practice of stone healing, use the stones Mother Nature has gifted us and experience a transformative meditative practice.


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