Best Crystals For Manifesting: How To Manifest Your Dreams

Best Crystals For Manifesting: How To Manifest Your Dreams

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

More often than not we ‘wish’ for things, rather than understanding the power of words and focusing on achieving goals through manifestation. We have the power to speak into existence our desires, and when we use crystals for manifesting this is stronger than we give it credit for.

We need to use what Mother Nature and the universe have given to us and enjoy the benefits our angelic entities have made available.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the future we envision and create, we put our energies into making that vision become a reality, and as you align your emotions, thoughts, and actions and integrate manifesting crystals you can create the life you want.

The universe is abundant and that there is enough of everything to go around. By focusing your thoughts and emotions on what you want to manifest, you align yourself with the energy of abundance, and you attract into your life the things and experiences that match your vibration.

Manifestation can be applied to any area of your life, such as relationships, health, career, and finances. The key to manifestation is to believe that you are worthy and deserving of what you want to manifest, and to have faith that it will come to you.

Crystals can support and enhance your manifestation efforts, but they are not a substitute for taking action.

Does Manifestation Work?

Essentially, when you focus on what you want in life and consider the goals and steps it will take to make it happen, you begin to prioritize what is important to us. When you envision your dreams your auric field is awakened and shines bright with enthusiasm.

Knowing we can make it happen, we can further those metaphysical powers by including what is considered the best crystals for manifestation in our meditation session or moments of quiet time where we reflect and envision our desires coming to fruition. Let’s see what those crystals are and how they can help you take charge of your life and intentions.

Best Crystals For Manifesting

Rhodochrosite – For Love And Relationships

This gem works on your heart, your energy field, and your circulatory system, and if ever you wanted to be in better health concerning relationships and physical then this crystal is the one for you.

When you meditate with this pink stone you awaken a spirit of creativity, and manifestations come to life through your projects and actions which is why this gem is so highly sought-after, its powerful energy sparks the creative drive you wish for.

Aventurine – For Dealing With Self-Doubt

We all have moments in life where we feel unworthy and unloved, and this can spiral negatively quickly if we don’t manage it. Keep a piece of Aventurine on your desk at work, when you feel like you can’t handle something touch it, and hold it in your hands to draw on its positive vibrations.

Speak your intent while holding the gem, focus on your manifestations coming true, and enjoy seeing its powers unfold in your life.

Petrified Wood – For Protection

Not one of the more common crystals for manifesting your thoughts but a truly grounding and protective gem that will keep your feet rooted to the earth. You will feel the connection to the universe, and adding this stone to your collection or mediation session will help dissolve the roadblocks holding you back.

Smoky Quartz – For Grounding

Another great choice for a crystal with grounding metaphysical properties, it helps to balance your chakra and realign your center for overall well-being. Sometimes we don’t know how to get out of the funk holding us back from our potential, take a quiet moment with the quartz stone to purify your spirit and release negative energies you may have absorbed during the day.

Once you are cleansed spiritually and mentally, you will have a clean slate to set your intentions and evoke your manifestations.

Citrine –  For Joy And Happiness

Citrine is by far the most popular choice when it comes to manifesting crystals, it emanates all things joyful and is a perfect option to add light to your wishes. While manifesting is not the same as ‘making a wish’, with a pure heart and a focused mind you can bring to fruition your desires.

As you continually incorporate this bright-hued gem you will experience a positive transformation in your life, and it will help you to maintain a positive outlook in everything you do. Even more so if it means ‘hoping’ your wishes come true.

How To Meditate With Intent

If you are new to the crystal world or simply an avid stone collector looking to branch out into more powerful exercises then a few basics will help you get started. These few steps will guide you on the right path, and to use your crystals for manifesting to their full potential, but remember, practice makes perfect and sometimes the more you meditate and become familiar with the methods the easier it is to see what does or does not work for you.

It Is Not The Same As Making A Wish

As much as we would like our guardian angels to grant our desires instantly manifestation is not how it works. Noticing the nature of your thoughts and the quality of your intentions will help you visualize the steps you need to make or begin to encourage the manifesting. Be mindful of what you want, and recognize the small changes you may need to make, listen to your angelic guardians and their signals.

Speaking It Out Loud

Saying your intentions is half the battle won, even if it is just to yourself, and it usually is if you are in a focus session or moment of quiet. By hearing it for yourself you will see that even if you are using the best crystals for manifesting, it may not be what your true desire is, you feel it in your gut or feel a communication with the higher realm stronger than usual.

Listening to your subconscious is the way to bridge the gap between you and the parallel realm.

Write It Out, Set Up Your Calendar

Just like you write out your grocery list or New Year’s resolution so you have a mental post-it note on hand, the same should you do with your manifestations. Finding clarity with manifesting crystals still takes some effort on your part, and together you and the inverse will be unstoppable. The more you see the notes will remind you to keep saying it, out loud, to yourself, and others, and bring the manifestation closer and quicker.

Make It A Routine

By including your intentions in your meditation sessions you give them the power to come alive. Do this each time you have a quiet session to yourself, whether at home or the office, and focus on how you feel once it has come true. Envision the emotions of your success.

When we do something that becomes a habit we see it manifest and grow, the same with intentions. Intentionally add crystals to your life and routine and evoke their healing and metaphysical powers over your life. Whether you want to continually manifest joy over your life for happiness or to spark creativity to excel at work, the universe has a crystal for you.

When we have simple steps to follow rather than figuring out each time how we are going to get things done we have a better chance of achieving success, and the same goes for using crystals for manifesting, the more you do it the better you and your life becomes.

Always opt for the best crystals for manifesting to experience their true metaphysical energies and be enveloped in their vibrations of change. As your crystal collection grows you can add more combinations of crystals that amplify each other, and place them in crystal grids for overall homeostasis. Let us continue to the final collection of crystals for manifesting so you can enjoy their energies flowing through your auric field awakening your inner spirit.

Black Tourmaline – For Protection

Sometimes when we use manifesting crystals our wishes may be more than we can handle, and if the universe is working with you and delivering your intentions you need protection to handle it. Protection is always a must when we are making intent for something beyond our capabilities, and while it is always great to reach for higher goals, be sure you have the right mindfulness when making your intentions.

Use Black Tourmaline with each meditation time to keep your safe and your feet grounded in reality to make the right decisions.

Bloodstone – For Inspiration

Considered the most powerful energizer when it comes to finding the best crystals for manifesting, be sure to keep bloodstone on you to be inspired in all things. Wear it as a necklace on your skin, as a pair of earrings to finish off a look, or simply keep a piece of it in your pocket to reach for when you are feeling creatively lethargic.

Wanting more for your life is great, but how to get to the next step is another thing. Use this stone for motivational energy to awaken your third eye to see the path you need to take to achieve your goals.

Rose Quartz – For Help Finding Love

Finding self-love is a constant journey, or adventure considering which way you look at it, so using this chakra stone to draw on its nurturing energy will help you find the true love you deserve. Whether it be for yourself (and we should all strive for self-love), or finding someone special, Rose Quartz is one of those crystals for manifesting you can’t get enough of or go wrong with.

Shungite – For Bringing You Back To Earth

The world is busy, life is busy, and we can become consumed with routines, and never-ending schedules and often forget to take time for ourselves. Shungite is the perfect crystal to clear your mind of the chaos of every day.

As a stone that harvests what some consider, ‘magical powers,’ it has been known to possess cosmic mystery that will guide you through times of uncertainty and shine a light on the path the universe is communicating to you.

Rainbow Fluorite – For True Belief And Identity

It is easy to find yourself going with the flow, it’s easier, and requires less effort on your part, but it may not necessarily be what you want. Take the time to hold Rainbow Fluorite (and Blue Fluorite) while meditating to gain increased clarity about how best to approach a setting, situation, or even a big meeting at work.

Rainbow Fluorite, when it comes to crystals for manifesting, will keep you on the straight and narrow, true to who you are, and by connection to a higher subconscious to be aware of those trying to take advantage of you, this gem will give you strength to be your true self.

Tiger’s Eye – For Clarity

Tigers Eye is one of the top crystals for manifesting, and when combined with Fluorite you will experience a strong universal flow of protection and vision. Seeing clearly when it comes to big decision-making or knowing when to cut your losses it is always a good idea to call on a higher power.

Crystals have majestic energy which connects and awakens your aura to shine the light on your path ahead, by using them daily you will see why the natural stones have been used by civilizations for centuries in everything from making choices to healing to transformations.

Crystals For Manifesting: Ways To Practice Everyday

Grid Work

Creating a crystal grid with specific stones that correspond to your intentions can help amplify and focus your manifestation efforts. Try using a rose quartz crystal for love, green aventurine for abundance, and clear quartz for clarity and manifestation.

Crystal Meditation

Holding or placing specific crystals on your body during meditation can help you connect with their energy and enhance your manifestation intentions. Try using citrine for abundance and manifestation, amethyst for spiritual growth and clarity, or black tourmaline for protection and grounding.

Crystal Affirmations

Repeat positive affirmations while holding a crystal that corresponds with your intention. For example, you could use a green peridot crystal while repeating affirmations for abundance and financial prosperity.

Crystal Elixir

Making a crystal elixir by placing crystals in water and allowing them to infuse the water with their energy, can help you bring your manifestation intentions into your daily life. Some examples to try are rose quartz for love, aquamarine for communication and self-expression, or garnet for manifestation and abundance.

Wearing Crystals

Wearing crystals as jewelry can help you keep your manifestation intentions close to you throughout the day. Try wearing a pendant made of carnelian for motivation and creativity, or a pair of earrings made of moonstone for balance and intuition.

Final Thoughts

Remember That Manifestation Is A Combination Of Focusing Your Thoughts And Taking Action Towards Your Goals

Finding and using the right crystals for manifesting comes with time, listening to advice and guidance from crystal healers and experts, and practice. There is no right or wrong way to use crystals, but naturally, a cleansed and charged crystal will work better for you, and even more so with additional crystals added to your collection and crystal grid.

Hundreds of crystals and natural stones have been used for healing ceremonies and rituals, and ancient tribes across the globe believe in their metaphysical properties. To make changes in your life for the better, or when you need guidance and don’t know which way to go, gemstones with various energies are a natural, transformative practice that is there for your success.

Crystals are not a magical solution but they do create big changes in your life through intentions and powerful manifestations, they take your desires and help you realize your vision.

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