How To Store Crystals: Protect Your Precious Crystals And Stones

How To Store Crystals: Protect Your Precious Crystals And Stones

Mar 07, 2024Meagan Mason

Many crystals, while powerful in their energies and vibrations, are fragile in composition, and knowing how to store crystals in your collection will keep them not only in top-quality condition but prevent them from absorbing negative energies in the area or environment until you can properly cleanse them for use.

Gemstones have been used across religions, cultures, and traditions for centuries and whether you are a crystal enthusiast, healer, or beginner, the basics of storing crystals are something to learn and practice.

How To Store Crystals And Stones

Many people believe that with effective and regular cleansing and recharging practices the stones will maintain their angelic powers, but if done too frequently, they corrode the surface or texture of the crystals and thus rule them ineffective in the long run.

We need to remember that external influences can change the dynamic of the stones, the way they are affected in turn affects us, and our intentions or manifestations may not be as clear if the crystal we're using is overwhelmed with the negativity of its environment. Let's take a quick look at some simple steps on how best to store crystals and as you familiarize yourself with the various kinds you can implement these changes or tweak them as you see fit.

Placing Them In A Box

A vintage vessel is a great way to store these higher-realm stones for safekeeping. The more popular method of how to store your crystals comes from ancient times when healers and ritual leaders would house their stones in boxes, away from external energies.

You can find great intricately carved boxes at antique stores or crystal boutiques which are specific for storing your stones. Be sure to rid and cleanse the box of any stagnant energy left by its previous owner.

Displaying Them On An Altar

People often think that we cannot store crystals in plain sight, but this is a great way, especially for those stones that thrive in light-enhancing conditions. When placing the stones in a room, be sure they are in their own space with no objects around them as much as possible.

When crystals are not in use they need to rest, and if they are surrounded by other items they work to absorb those energies and thus do not have a chance to charge and rejuvenate. While they may be on display, it is best to have them in a separate corner where they can be by themselves undisturbed. Who knew storing crystals would be so intriguing, right?

Place Crystals In Fabric Pouches

Knowing which crystals have more fragile and delicate surfaces is key to knowing how to store crystals, and fabric pouches offer a soft sanctuary where they can rest and not fight against their surroundings.

Just like us when we want to relax and unwind and connect with our higher subconscious, a soft, comfortable space is all we need. Allow your stones to be by themselves to reenergize and be their most powerful selves.

Small Gift Boxes

This is a great way if you are still learning how to store crystals, you could use trinket boxes that match your crystal's coloring this way you know which stone or at least color you have at any given time.

Organize Crystals Using Drawer Dividers

Many people have spaces for specific items and when it comes to storing crystals why should it be any different? A dedicated drawer in a dresser table is a great way to ensure the safety of your gems, and also for easy access when you need them.

You can separate them by color if you are well versed in their powers and uses making them easy to locate, or even by their metaphysical properties so you can find a combination of crystals to use together to aid in recovery or healing, or for manifestation sessions. Use a method to store crystals that works for you and in your home.

Best Ways To Organize Your Crystals

It's important to find an organizing method that works for you and makes it easy for you to access the crystals when you need them.

Here are a few suggestions on how you could arrange your healing crystals:

By Size And Shape

Group similar sized and shaped crystals together, such as tumbled stones, wands, and spheres.

By Color

Group crystals based on their color, such as all blue stones, green stones, yellow crystals, pink crystals etc.

By Intention

Group crystals based on their intended use, such as all stones for protection, all stones for love and relationships, crystals for happiness etc.

By Chakra Association

Group crystals based on their corresponding chakra, such as all crown chakra stones, all root chakra stones, etc.

By Geographical Location

Group crystals based on where they were found, such as all stones from Brazil, all stones from Africa, etc.

By Personal Preference

You can organize your crystals in a way that resonates with you personally and makes sense to you.

Try A Vintage Printer Tray

As you get familiar with your stones and find new ways how to store crystals why not try housing them in a vintage printer's tray? With various sections for different colors and sizes, this box has space for all the stones in your collection, and it looks great on display.

A printer's tray also helps to keep little hands away and fingerprints from touching them too often and is a helpful aid to prevent dust settling. You can categorize them by their finish with tumbled and polished separated, as well as shape and size keeping similar stones together for a more aesthetic look.

Jewelry Display Unit

Similar to a printer's tray with the difference that they have a glass lid for added protection. You can store crystals while still seeing what you have in your collection, and the lid won't alter their energies or allow negative influences to filter through. A great addition to a cabinet or console table.

How Your Store Crystals Is A Personal Choice

No matter your decision on how to store crystals in the home or office the idea is to keep them safe and protected. Many stones have porous surfaces easily susceptible to moisture which could damage and erode their texture. Others are sensitive to extreme light and direct sunlight can not only fade their color but drain their energy which negatively impacts your meditation sessions should you wish to use them.

Every home and workspace is different, opt for a crystal storage solution that is both functional and design-orientated, not only will it make the space that much more cohesive, but knowing they are close by when you need them will give you peace of mind that the universe is always looking out for you.

High-traffic areas, such as hallways or entryways, are good for single-placement crystals but be sure to cleanse them thoroughly before placing them back in safekeeping.

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