Blue Goldstone


Blue Goldstone Properties

  • Protection
  • Brings Good Fortune
  • Increases Motivation
  • Calms The Mind
  • Unlocks True Potential
  • Balances Emotions
  • Aids In Achieving Goals
  • Magnetizes Abundance
  • Helps Restore Faith


Blue Goldstone Connection To The Chakras
Throat Chakra

Blue Goldstone's affiliation with the throat chakra stems from its ability to encourage self-expression and clear communication. The throat chakra is the center of our ability to communicate our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions clearly and effectively. Blue Goldstone is believed to foster confidence in speaking one's truth and to enhance articulation, making it easier for individuals to express themselves authentically and to be understood by others.

Third Eye Chakra

This crystal is also connected to the third eye chakra because of its properties that promote mental clarity, focus, and intuition. The third eye chakra is the center of intuition, foresight, and inner vision. Blue Goldstone is thought to stimulate this chakra, enhancing one's ability to visualize and manifest their goals and dreams. It encourages a calm mind, which is essential for receiving intuitive insights and achieving a deeper understanding of one's spiritual path.

Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra


Blue Goldstone And The Zodiac

Sagittarius, a sign known for its love of adventure, freedom, and exploration, resonates with the ambition and optimism of Blue Goldstone. This crystal's energy can inspire Sagittarians to pursue their goals with confidence and to remain hopeful and determined, regardless of the challenges they may face on their journey.


Leo, with its natural leadership qualities, creativity, and zest for life, finds a kindred spirit in the vitality and brightness of Blue Goldstone. This crystal can enhance Leo's confidence, encourage self-expression, and support their desire to achieve recognition and success in their endeavors.


Aquarius, a sign characterized by its innovative thinking, humanitarian spirit, and sometimes unconventional approach, can benefit from Blue Goldstone's properties of ambition and drive. The crystal's ability to inspire and invigorate aligns with Aquarius's vision for the future and their pursuit of unique paths to making a difference in the world.


Crystals That Work Well With Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone, with its mesmerizing sparkle and deep blue hue, is a stone of ambition and confidence, often used to enhance drive and determination. Its glittering appearance is reminiscent of the night sky, inspiring dreams and aspirations. To amplify Blue Goldstone's properties and integrate its energy more fully into your life, pairing it with complementary crystals can be incredibly beneficial. Here's a look at three crystals that work exceptionally well with Blue Goldstone, each adding its unique vibrational qualities to support your journey towards achieving your goals.

Lapis Lazuli enhances wisdom and self-awareness, making it a perfect companion for Blue Goldstone in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. This combination is powerful for those seeking to deepen their insight and intuition, offering a celestial connection that inspires clarity and purpose.

Clear Quartz, known as the "Master Healer," amplifies the energies of Blue Goldstone, as well as your intentions. This pairing is ideal for setting clear goals and manifesting your dreams into reality, providing a focused and energized pathway to success.

Tiger's Eye brings courage, protection, and grounding, complementing Blue Goldstone's motivational energy. Together, they create a formidable force for overcoming obstacles, enhancing self-confidence, and encouraging a proactive approach to challenges.

Combining Blue Goldstone with Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, and Tiger's Eye not only enhances its intrinsic properties but also supports a holistic approach to personal development and achievement.

Whether you're seeking to boost your confidence, clarify your goals, or pursue wisdom, these crystal pairings offer a powerful toolkit for navigating your path with determination and grace.

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Blue Goldstone Meaning

Talk about a positive attitude! Blue goldstone is such an uplifting stone to have close by. Goldstone promotes vitality in the body and mind. This crystal is a powerful good luck stone that magnifies abundance and brings good fortune.

This crystal is also perfect for those with big dreams and goals as it will be your cheerleader to help you reach anything you set your mind too.

This blue crystal also offers many physical healing benefits, much the same as copper. This crystal heals joints, reduces stomach upset from feeling anxious and is an all-around good stone for comfort and care.

Blue Goldstone Affirmations


Common Questions For Blue Goldstone

Discover More On The Meaning Of Blue Goldstone

Blue goldstone is a crystal to be used for emotional healing energy. This stone helps increase self-acceptance, helps bring courage and strength to those who need it. 

Blue Goldstone is a protection stone in the spirit worlds. It is a type of crystal that increases confidence, ambition and magnetizes abundance in areas of need. This crystal helps us find the positive in negative experiences.

No, it is a man made crystal but still is a wonderful crystal for healing many issues.

Blue Goldstone

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