Blue Aragonite


Blue Aragonite Properties

  • Increases Awareness
  • Solves Problems
  • Heightens Physic Ability
  • Encourages Patience
  • Brings Joy
  • Emotional Strength
  • Helps Move Stuck Energy
  • Brings Insight Into Past Experiences
  • Supports Communication


Blue Aragonite Connection To The Chakras
Throat Chakra

Blue Aragonite's affiliation with the throat chakra is due to its powerful influence on communication and self-expression. This chakra governs our ability to express our thoughts, feelings, and truths clearly and effectively. Blue Aragonite encourages honest and compassionate communication, helping to clear blockages in the throat chakra that may hinder self-expression. It supports the articulation of one's deepest knowledge and facilitates a more profound connection with others through empathetic and heartfelt speech.

Third Eye Chakra

Blue Aragonite also resonates with the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition, insight, and inner vision. This chakra is the center of our intuition and our ability to see beyond the physical realm. Blue Aragonite aids in opening and balancing the third eye chakra, promoting a heightened sense of awareness and a deeper understanding of spiritual truths. It encourages the integration of spiritual insights into daily life, fostering a sense of inner peace and clarity.

Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra


Blue Aragonite And The Zodiac

Geminis, known for their communicative and intellectual nature, can greatly benefit from Blue Aragonite's ability to enhance clear and compassionate communication. This crystal supports Gemini's natural desire to express ideas and emotions, aiding in achieving deeper understanding and more meaningful connections with others.


connected to intuition and emotional depth, Blue Aragonite offers grounding and clarity. It helps Pisces to articulate their dreams and emotions more clearly, bridging the gap between the mystical and the mundane. Blue Aragonite also supports Pisces in navigating their sensitive emotional waters with a sense of calm and stability.


Aquarians, who are visionary and often focused on humanitarian issues, can find in Blue Aragonite a stone that enhances their ability to communicate their innovative ideas and ideals. It aids in expressing one's unique perspective and insights, fostering understanding and empathy within group dynamics and in the broader community.


Crystals That Work Well With Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite, with its serene energy and connection to both emotional expression and spiritual insight, forms a harmonious synergy with various crystals, enhancing its soothing and communicative properties.

Pairings these stones has the potential for emotional healing, clarity in communication, and spiritual awakening is significantly amplified.

Each of these crystals brings unique attributes that complement and enhance the gentle power of Blue Aragonite, creating a balanced and supportive energy blend for both personal growth and spiritual exploration.


Moldavite is a high-vibrational stone known for its transformational properties and connection to the heart chakra. When paired with Blue Aragonite, it intensifies the crystal's spiritual awakening and emotional healing capabilities. Moldavite's powerful energy can accelerate personal growth and the release of emotional blockages, while Blue Aragonite provides a calming and stabilizing effect, ensuring that the transformation process is grounded and balanced.


Larimar, often called the "Stone of Tranquility," resonates with the energy of water and the throat chakra, promoting serene communication and emotional release. Its soothing energy complements Blue Aragonite's ability to enhance clear and heartfelt expression. Together, they create a peaceful and empathetic communication channel, encouraging honest and loving interactions that can heal and strengthen relationships.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is associated with the throat and third eye chakras, known for its ability to sharpen intellect and clarity of thought. It enhances Blue Aragonite's communicative and insightful qualities, promoting not only the expression of truth but also the understanding and integration of complex ideas and spiritual concepts. Blue Topaz supports the mental and intuitive aspects of communication, making this combination ideal for those seeking to articulate their inner wisdom and insights effectively.

Combining Blue Aragonite with these healing crystals offers a comprehensive approach to emotional and spiritual well-being.

This blend supports deep emotional healing, fosters clear and compassionate communication, and encourages spiritual growth and transformation, making it a powerful toolkit for anyone looking to enhance their emotional resilience, express their truth, and connect more deeply with their spiritual path.

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Blue Aragonite Meaning

Blue aragonite is a crystal of patience, intuition, and insight into our deep emotions. This light turquoise blue crystal activates the third eye, throat and heart chakra to reduce emotional stress, calm anger, and assist to communicate feelings.

This is an excellent crystal for reiki masters, practitioners and students as it carries intense energy that can be captured during healing sessions.

Choose blue aragonite to connect to your spirit guides to steer you towards positive energy, more love, compassion, and feelings of happiness and wholeness to bring into your life.

Blue Aragonite Affirmations


Common Questions For Blue Aragonite

Discover More On The Meaning Of Blue Aragonite

Aragonite helps boost energy and increases self-confidence. These types of crystals strengthen your sense of self worth and inner love. Blue Aragonite is a great stone to help calm nerves, relieve stress, and relieve emotional fatigue. This stone is great for communication, especially when contacting your spirt guides.

Blue Aragonite should not go in water or ever get wet. This crystal is very soft and contains calcium carbonate that is water-soluble.

Blue Aragonite does occur naturally but can also be dyed blue. Aragonite is very similar to the crystal Calcite and can take on many colors and forms.

Blue Aragonite

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