Crystal Grid

Focusing Your Intent To Manifest Your Desires

What Is A Crystal Grid For?

There is no right or wrong time to create the beautiful aesthetic of the crystal grid patterns, but rather to do them when you feel you need them most. The main purpose of laying out and essentially designing your crystal grid templates is to help you focus the vibrations and energies of the gems and proclaim their intention over your life.

You want to create a sacred space in your home or office to promote healing from the inside out whether it be mental, physical, or emotional, and can be used in meditation sessions as well as during a Reiki healing session.

How To Use A Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid can be used in a variety of ways and offer more than just healing of the spirit and realigning your chakra to maintain homeostasis within, but their powerful essence that connects us to a higher realm as we meditate lets our deepest desires be spoken and come into fruition as the universe deems fit.

You want to use the gems in the crystal grid patterns to harness and attract your intentions, focusing on the sacred geometric designs and the stones which symbolize different meanings. We see shapes in all things created and using nature in combination with the specific arrangement when you need a quiet moment to yourself will magnify the magical powers of the crystals.

Crystal Grids For Beginners

When starting on your journey of using a crystal grid it can seem overwhelming but you have been given the purpose by a higher power and felt the encouragement to take it on. 

You also don't need to own every crystal variety, but using what you have in your collection already and adding elements of nature such as leaves, flowers, and shells into the crystal grid patterns will still allow the energy to flow and the intention to be put out into the universe.

As you create your shapes you will find balance and peace in the process, the pulling of certain stones within the crystal grid templates, and you feel enveloped by their tranquil vibrations as you let yourself be free in a higher consciousness awakening your third eye to see clearly.

Crystal Grid Sacred Geometry

Everything in nature has a shape and design to it and when you look closely you will see the ancient sacred geometry of the crystal grid patterns that have forged the way for cultures across the world in their rituals and spiritual healings.

Crystal grid templates are a specific design laid out using empowered crystals for manifestation and cleansing. Using a crystal grid is a beautiful way to practice self-care, and mindfulness, and to connect to your higher being.

How To Use A Crystal Grid In 4 Easy Steps

Before you begin to create and use your crystal grid you want to cleanse and charge your crystals and the space which you can do with a sage smudge stick or crystal singing bowl.

Step 1: Set Your Intention

Think about your intent for creating the crystal grid, write it on a piece of paper and place it under the central stone in your crystal grid template. As you focus your thoughts and awaken your chakra allowing the energy to flow between you and the grid try to think of something you need before something you want.

Step 2: Pick Your Stones

You may opt for gems you have on hand which you know are specific to certain elements and have designated metaphysical properties to enjoy, but work with what you have and keep in mind that the intention is more powerful than the stones. A great trio of crystals for beginners is:

Focus Stone

Essentially the heart of the crystal grid templates and most likely the largest of all the crystals. It is placed in the middle of the geometric design with your intent written down on a piece of paper placed under it.

Way Stone

These are the supporting stones of the master stone and enhance its energy while amplifying its vibrations

Desire Stone

The building blocks of the crystal grid patterns by strengthening the overall power of the grid and gathering the energy of the other stones

Step 3: Pick A Grid Shape

The best way forward and especially for beginners is to choose a shape that speaks to you, as you become more comfortable you can begin to design with purpose. There are many shapes to work with, reading up on the meaning of the shape will help with the decision making too, some options to try:

  • The Circle
  • The Golden Mean
  • Square Shape
  • The Heart Shape
  • Flower of Life Shape
  • The Seed of Life Shape

Step 4: Activate Your Crystal Grid

With everything in place you can begin to center your energy and state of mind and open your aura to embrace the change, you are about to experience in your meditation session. Activating the stones will release their energies and metaphysical properties flowing through and around you, enveloping your essence, and is best done with a clear quartz point.

Touch each crystal with the quartz drawing lines as you go and recreate the crystal grid patterns and focus on energy in the space once you are done. Stay for as long as needed and leave the grid in place for a few days to harness its vibrations.

Crystal Grids To Create Your Life

Who knew a reawakening of your spirit and soul would look so elegant, and with the crystal grid that speaks to you and the right combination of gemstones to design with, this transformative experience is both effective and aesthetically beautiful.

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