Tigers Eye: Meaning And Healing Prioperties

Tigers Eye: Meaning & Healing Protection Crystal

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Known commonly as the stone of protection with the power to help focus the mind and increase mental clarity, the tigers eye can dramatically affect and change your life for the greater good. This naturally decorated gemstone guides you to better recognize your own needs in comparison to others, and while energizing an emotional state offers a harmonious balance between the yin and yang in our lives.

Warriors throughout history, Ancient Romans, and The Chinese all valued and believed in the aura of the tigers eye healing qualities, and has been a prominent feature in battles won and enemies conquered with the omnipotence of the ‘all seeing eye,’ as it was considered by many. 

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What is Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye Meaning: Tigers Eye?
Discover the tigers eye meaning crystal healing.

In essence, it is a variety of quartz with a silky luster but there is so much more to the tigers eye meaning than you may know, but will soon discover throughout this article. A semi-precious stone, with a brown and yellow hue running through the veins, this metamorphic mineral with a 6.5-7 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness is the perfect quartz to have in your home and as a piece of decoration. 

If you have been searching for a transformative and powerful stone to turn your life around, then delving deeper into the tigers eye healing could just show you what you have been missing out on. 

The Origins of Tigers Eye

Since as early as 1784 the presence of the tiger’s eye has been welcomed in the Northern Cape, a province in Southern Africa. And, divinely discovered by a French traveler Francois Levaillant, it has since made its global presence known.

It is truly nature’s vision and energy symbolizing to us the strength of the stone not only through its vivid coloring but by being discovered in the land of the big cats where tigers are a dominant predator. A true symbol of bravery, determination, and confidence. 

We all know the divine healing properties that are in the universe and crystals, quartz, and spirit guides are ever-increasing. Searching for clarity in a tough situation or an awakening of your inner spirit, the tiger’s eye can help bring balance back into your life. The force of the universe is aware of your need and struggles, meditating and opening your third eye will bring you the enlightenment you seek for improved well-being. The tiger’s eye healing properties are transformative and offer homeostasis when you need it the most, let us look at how this is successfully achieved.

Emotional Healing Properties

Psychosomatic illnesses are something that people suffer from, often in silence and unbeknownst to others, but wearing a tiger’s eye gemstone as a piece of jewelry or having it stood next to the side of your bed will help to dispel any anxiety or fear that may be controlling your life. Internal stress can be a thing of the past simply by implanting this stone into your lifestyle.

Physical Healing Properties

Treating migraines and headaches is effortlessly done using the strong vibrations of the tiger’s eye stone. By positively affecting the respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems your overall well-being and physical stature are rejuvenated with a new vitality and improved state of physical strength and energy. The golden-brown chi will clear negative energy and boost mood and metabolism to bring balance back and reinstate homeostasis.

Spiritual Healing Properties

If you are looking to tap deeper into your third eye, using the tiger’s eye as an amplifier of the spirit can awaken a transformative aura to delve further into the higher spiritual realm. While essentially an earth gemstone that keeps people feeling as close to the earth as possible and grounded for stability in confidence, this allows you to focus more on your spirit for increased clarity and explore your internal universe at a higher level.

What Chakra Is Tigers Eye Best For?

Chakra is, what many cultures and traditions believe, to be life, the energy points within our bodies, and the Tiger’s eye meaning shows us that it is connected to three significant chakras. Each chakra offers a gateway to maintain the body’s health.

  • Solar Plexus – When we feel self-aware and timid know your solar plexus chakra is blocked. Unblocking it will help you to regain that self-confidence you once had.

  • Root – The root chakra is a must to awaken if you are feeling uncertain about a situation or even angry. Releasing these emotions into the universe will relieve you of your angst.

  • Sacral – Dealing with emotions that prevent you from forming relationships with other people is no way to live your life, unblock your root chakra, and build lasting bonds and friendships.

Zodiac Birthstone

Tigers Eye Zodiac Gemini Symbol
Reasons why gemini is related to the tigers eye crystal.

People who have the numbers 2 and 7 as their birth dates or lucky numbers would do great to utilize the tiger’s eye healing foundation but is more commonly associated with the Gemini star sign with its indecisive nature.

Often Geminis wait for the other person to make the first move and then react accordingly, but with the positive reinforcement of the stone, you can begin to make finely-tuned decisions independently and spark your natural creativity once more. 

How to Use Tigers Eye Stones

The essence of the tiger’s eye is to promote confidence and bravery and lacking any of these can affect your work environment but also your home. Place a few of the stones around the house to release its courage-building energy every time you pass by it and in the surrounding air. It will keep you encouraged and you can tap into its energy when you need it.

Wearing a piece of jewelry with stone embedded into it is a great way to keep the energy close to you at all times, and helps in important situations where you need confidence.

Tigers Eye At Home & Office


Fortifying the bond of the family in the home is just one of the many qualities of the tigers eye and as a symbol of light in the dark, there is always an aura of positivity in the air, which in turn promotes goal-setting and success.


Connecting with the fearless attributes the tigers eye meaning brings to the table will, in combination with hard work, bring you success in all your endeavors. 

Tigers Eye Jewelry

Tigers Eye Healing Bracelet.
Tigers eye healing bracelet and why you should wear the stone.

Tiger’s eye is an elegant way to balance your energy in a sophisticated way. The gemstone is a perfectly complimenting color that works well with all outfits and in many formal and informal settings in a pair of earrings or as the face of a well-crafted watch you can keep your energy and spiritual balance in check. Wear it as a necklace to bring an outfit together, or as a bracelet to accessorize for the day ahead.

How to Cleanse and Care for Tigers Eye?

Whether you are the giver of the gemstone or the receiver it is always essential to cleanse it. You can do this by simply immersing it in salt water overnight and then washing it off in fresh water the next day, and allowing it to dry in the sun for a few hours. It is highly recommended, to retain its cheerful vibe that you do this cleansing every 3 months. 

As a receiver, and after the cleaning process, you now need to program the stone to maximize the benefits it offers. Finding a quiet place, closing your eyes, and focusing on the chakra you want awakening and unblocked will allow the energy to enter your mind and soul.

Is the Tigers Eye the Gemstone for You?

At the end of the day we are all seeking a purpose and structure in life, a spiritual, mental, and physical connection with Mother Nature and the Universe for clarity and ideally, guidance on how best to live our lives. But also, how to effect these changes to our advantage. 

The tiger’s eye is a great choice for those who have an upbeat and bubbly personality as you can feed off the constant energy the stone emanates. And knowing it has multiple chakras and connection points for you to tap into if an area in your life is feeling heavy and blocked, makes this stone something to admire. 

If you are looking for that boost of confidence and positive energy then the Tiger’s eye is your best foot forward.

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