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Blue Aragonite: Meaning & Properties To Soothe the Soul

Blue aragonite was initially discovered in Spain by a German geologist in 1797 in the Molina de Aragon region and thus was given the name, but it has since been found in other areas and countries and is a sought-after stone in many cultures and traditions. 

This naturally formed material is raw at first and many people prefer the rough blue aragonite over the smoother version which gets its silky texture from being tumbled. However, as it is essentially quite a brittle stone, tumbling it with harder materials will cause it to break down. 

What is blue aragonite?

As a dispeller builder crystal, meaning they are the stones of power essential for overcoming mental and spiritual problems, this blue crystal can change your outlook on life. It is no secret that life is busy and comes with its fair share of issues, but letting the stress of it consume you is one thing you don’t need. 

This precious stone has a vibration about it that brings forth joy and comfort, and your spiritual well-being is given a sense of calm that allows you to communicate more effectively, but also mindfully.

We all get stressed at times but by learning to hone that energy, tap into your spirit mind, and let the healing essence of the aragonite relieve you of your stresses, you will be a better communicator with yourself and those around you.

What does blue aragonite crystal do?

Since its discovery, it has allowed people to live the quality of life they deserve, if you use crystals for yourself or you are a healer with clients who are struggling with stress and overwhelming emotional situations, the vibrations of the stone are the perfect way to calm their energy and help find solutions to their problems. 

Activating the third eye, throat, and heart chakra helps to ground negative energy, and rather offer a sense of patience with an unclouded insight into why you or they may be angry about something. Your intuition is heightened for clearer thinking, you gain confidence, and it boosts your overall mood and morale.

Emotional healing is a must for survival, we have all had our moments of complete meltdown and let our feelings get the better of us, but taking a moment to absorb the calming energy of the aragonite stone will help give you the patience you need to think things through.  

This crystal stone is essential for emotional healing, and your internal spirit will be all the better for it. 

What is blue aragonite used for?

Natural minerals and crystals have long been used for healing and well-being and implementing them into your daily life and lifestyle will bring out the best version of yourself whether mentally, physically, or spiritually. It has a whole host of benefits and positives, which as a spiritual healer, is essential for helping clients and sending them away better people, let’s see what it is used for:  


No matter your occupation or family dynamic and situation communication is all around us, and to do so effectively can often get the better of us. The calming properties of blue aragonite have been shown to improve your communication abilities, even more so in combination with the October birthstone which symbolizes hope and purity, and you will speak from a place of calm.


With an improved outlook on life and significantly reduced stress, you begin to approach life and people with an energy of joy. You are inspired, have more compassion for others and yourself and you start to realize that you deserve better, and you do. 


Often we are so daunted by a situation that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, the spiritual clarification and intuitive healing properties of the blue aragonite allow us to deal with and forgive the past and move towards the future rejuvenated with healed emotions. 

How to use blue aragonite?

There is no right or wrong way to implement this stone into your life and routine, but rather what you do is more important. 

Taking a moment to yourself to do some meditation is a great way to start your day with a mental and emotional boost, or wind down and get rid of the stress and weight after a long day. 

Blue Aragonite Meaning And How To Meditate.
An explanation of blue aragonite meaning and the crystals healing properties.

You can hold a piece of the crystal, whether it be rough blue aragonite or a smooth version, absorb the healing energy and allow it to flow through you as you pray and meditate.

Why not place a piece under your pillow at night or around the room so you wake up feeling calm and ready to tackle the day? If you are enjoying the benefits then be sure to opt for a piece of blue aragonite jewelry to wear on your neck or wrist so you have it with you throughout the day.

>>Check Out This Video Below To Learn More On How To Use Blue Aragonite 

How to charge blue aragonite?

To get the most out of your stone you want it charged and as a natural material, it only makes sense that its greatest source of energy would be from Mother Nature. Simply place in the sun in a dry spot where it can make contact with the earth for up to 4 hours. 

Blue Aragonite Properties And How To Charge In The Sun.
A list blue aragonite properties including how to cleanse the crystal.

How to cleanse blue aragonite?

If your stone has gotten debris on it you can clean it with a light misting of mineral water and a soft-bristled toothbrush, and then pat dry with a towel and leave to air dry completely. 

Also, as was done centuries ago and still today, cleansing with sage smoke is perfect for blue aragonite and to create balance.

Our final thoughts

Why let the stress of life negatively affect you when nature has given you a humble, yet powerful natural source of healing? Blue aragonite stone is an elegant source of rejuvenation, with a hue symbolizing the ocean and the sky, it will be a great addition to your lifestyle and spiritual well-being.

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